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  1. Yea aint nothing like getting two wins and so close on the third and BLAM lost connection happend 2x not. This game and makers can SUCK IT. Crappy Wars
  2. Ok, so here's my though. I have tried on 4, yes 4 xboxes. 3 old 1 newer. ALL ATEMPTS FAILED. Tried to redownload everything on all of them and nothing work. The only part I can NOT do is "2) Transfer your Licenses to your profile (under settings, account" ok you can ONLY do this every 4 months. Used to be one a year. I don't understand how this can have anything to do with the save but hey its 2012, anything can happen. I will not be able to try that method until Aug. this year. Can anyone please confirm how vital this step is. Whatever the case some of us may have to wait if a patch ever comes out. You know how much Crapcom value their customers. "Ooooo Take the money and run." - Steve Miller Band
  3. So when did HD start meaning it looks like crap?? 1080p and it still looks ported. Cuts look alittle HD but the picture is crayon looking. I mean I like the fact to replay it BUT stop calling it HD when it clearly looks ported. Same with the Resident Evil HD ports they made. Isn't NOTHING HD about it. Does anyone else feel this way?? Thanks
  4. Total crap.... Only can get gold in a few.... Barely...
  5. This game is total crap. Non-easy achievements. Computer is skeet..... I've done about 8 races and haven't placed 1st in ANY of them even on rookie... Then you have to done some kind of timetrial, yea right... So achievement whores beware....
  6. So what ARE these glitchy achievements, What can be unobtainable, and what should one do or not do about it? Noone went into detail about it so I'm just wondering if I should be weary about useing the different dresses and weapons? Also this is the free dlc that came with the game, correct? Thanks
  7. So i just checked tureachievements.com and KcJuggalo just got this achievement Dec. 19 2011. Just wondering is it confirmed fix or if he's just a cheat.... Thanks
  8. Thank You..... I'm just saying they should give the option to be able to switch and not say " Oh well if you don't download our shitty dashboard you cant play online".... EVEN THOUGH WE F&^KING PAY FOR IT And to the rest of you fags just looking to go off on someone just because they dont like it, suck * **** ** *****. Wow, got nothing better in your lives then to jump someone else's shit.....
  9. I F^%CKING hate it...... They should give you the option to change dashboard,, after all WE pay for it.. I hate it and I'm starting to F^%KING hate microsoft for their constant bullsh*t....... Sry for venting but I really really hate this dashboard garbage................ Xbox Sgt ScarecroW
  10. fuck konami and their "rainman" game. i freeking hate math..... :uzi:konami the new silent hill better not be this retarted. boycott them just like a EA game..
  11. yea im here right now. Knowing I'm jumping at the last possbile sec and not matter what... is short from grabbing the vines to climb up... wtf.. glad these game makers decided to give up the gaming business.... Because they know how much they suck at making games.... Come on in allll of your creating classes you didn't learn how to fix camera angles. epic fail.... And this is a "kid" game mind you.... How tF are kids suppose to play some of these games when adults can't even????? EDIT: When jumping right off the last falling rocks only double jump (X), (NO ROLL) right away, you have to free fall for a split sec then hit the roll button (B) and your lunge forwards and grab the wall
  12. EA is the devil I just got this game today. Ha ha it aint even going to make its way into my xbox. Looks like its making its way right back to game stop...
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