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  1. I hate getting barrel stuff by A4 noobs, to point where I even have to step down to a noob's level and use that damn thing myself. Dont get me wrong, this game imo is far less rage inducing than Black Ops 2 or someother rage worthy game...thats why I like playing alot. But yeah it sucks when people ONLY use the A4 when theres other guns to experiment with...Ive been using the VKP semi-auto...that thing is a beast, drop people like flies to a bug zapper if used properly.
  2. Yeah ive got this DLC..its pretty rare far as i know...but more or less its a skin nothing more on the TVR. Back when PGR4 was more played...ive had a few ppl freak out and ask the wtf was the Kelogg TVR was.
  3. Im willing to hit this up. Ive got the 1 of 2 online just need the last one, the 4 player req one. GT: XeCuT1oNR....just hit me up. I have another guy on my friends list that needs this too, if i can get him onboard theres 2 total plus yourself.
  4. Msg me on Xbox Live (GT: XeCuT1oNR) I would like to get a boost session going soon. Put X360a in the msg so i know whats up. Thanks guys and gals!
  5. Although its not Fire Pro like most people remembered it, this reminded me more of the AKI grapplers on the N64, basic fundamentals but can be a blast to play and learn. Some nice RPG-ish gameplay thrown in to the mix.
  6. Just picked this up on Gamefly's used game sale for $15....not dissapointed at all.
  7. I too need to boost for all of the MP achivements
  8. Nevermind admins please delete this post thanks!
  9. I love Child of Eden. If you played Rez HD, its somewhat similar to that game. Its great chill down game after a crappy day at work or school. Great with Turtle Beach/Triton headsets and if you smoke the tree then ive heard that too
  10. Its pretty easy the only gripe is the game physics/control SUCK! If anyone played this already..you know what i mean. Ive got to finish the TT achivos and the wreck over the finish achivo and a few others.
  11. You are thinking of BFBC2 Vietnam. Its the BF Vietnam (the game after 1942) on the PC
  12. I got these tags: N7 Dogtag Mass Effect 3 Dogtag Battlefield Vietnam Dogtag Battlefield 2 Dogtag Battlefield Bad Company Dogtag Battlefield Bad Company 2 Dogtag Battlefield 1943 Dogtag Battlefield Play4Free Dogtag I had played BF P4F before but didnt get the tag on first boot. Im suggestion is to play 1943 or any other BF games you havent played in while. then relog back to BF3. Thats how i got my BF P4F tag.
  13. Walmart.com http://www.walmart.com/ip/James-Bond-007-Quantum-of-Solace-Xbox-360-Xbox-360/10190957 $8.85 NEW http://www.walmart.com/ip/007-Quantum-Of-Solace-Xbox-360-Pre-Owned-Xbox-360/17254841 $5.96 PRE-OWNED I will say one of the best games on the cheap...MP is hella fun after getting used to it. High recommend it...and for this price on Walmart.com..why not?
  14. I personally stopped playing after i was beaten by the cheating AI when i went all in with a Full House hand, 30K+ on the line with the high card, and the AI went all-in, and had Full House. The game gave priority to AI, and i lost. Until they fix the AI and its cheating, unbalanced tactics (i saw an AI player win 5K with an ACE HIGH? WTF?) im not planning to play any time sooner.
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