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  1. He'stoo busy trying to make it big on YouTube from the looks of his YouTube channel.
  2. I can revive the dead, welcome back ESM
  3. Easy baby. Just here to wind you guys up, shocked to see all of you still congregating here, seems people like ESM and otaking are gone though, maybe more. Guess only a few of you guys are still attached to XBA
  4. Yea Arc 4 consists of season 2. Now on the arcs are longer instead of season 1 which covered 3 separate arcs. re: zero is the epitome of perfection aka 10/10. I need to put it in simpler terms to allow others to understand the nuance so don’t get too literal on it.
  5. Well the anime thread is dead, it’s spoken about elsewhere, and you have bad taste so it’s expected. I feel like season 2 is pretty good, definitely better than season 1
  6. Cliche? Cmon now re: zero is the epitome of perfection. It isn’t cliche like your generic shounen. Tut tut, after all these years and you still have bad taste.
  7. No talk of the best anime of the century Re: Zero? Disappointed in you.
  8. Not to mention those on a second account which is fresh. Definitely a poor competition in hindsight, not going to lie after getting 78k in 3 days I was burnt out, not sure how these others guys can go at it for this long.
  9. Congratulations, If i'm ever allowed back in tournaments, I'm happy to crush you and Ruffus next GSL.
  10. Just a heads up. Whilst the anime adaption of steins;gate is near enough a 1:1 reproduction of the steins;gate visual novel. The anime for S;G 0 and S;G0 VN are very different, like there's barely a resemblance between them, a shame you skipped through it. I haven't fully read your blog so I don't know if you've played it, but I suggest you play Chaos;Child (you don't really need to play Chaos:head to understand it). I hope you haven't watched the Chaos child anime but if you haven't and you haven't played Chaos;child i would recommend it, definitely up there with steins;gate when it comes to VNs
  11. Need to play with a better team to get to a 50, it isn't too hard unless you're hardstuck on less than a 50% wr. I think too many people bash the Halo 3 ranking system. It was fine for what it was.
  12. Happy Birthday, lad!

  13. You have 4:30 for the gold relic, it's more than enough time. Especially since you can't die, a perfect run where you go slow and wait quite often will still net you the gold relic.
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