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  1. Yea Arc 4 consists of season 2. Now on the arcs are longer instead of season 1 which covered 3 separate arcs. re: zero is the epitome of perfection aka 10/10. I need to put it in simpler terms to allow others to understand the nuance so don’t get too literal on it.
  2. Not to mention those on a second account which is fresh. Definitely a poor competition in hindsight, not going to lie after getting 78k in 3 days I was burnt out, not sure how these others guys can go at it for this long.
  3. Just a heads up. Whilst the anime adaption of steins;gate is near enough a 1:1 reproduction of the steins;gate visual novel. The anime for S;G 0 and S;G0 VN are very different, like there's barely a resemblance between them, a shame you skipped through it. I haven't fully read your blog so I don't know if you've played it, but I suggest you play Chaos;Child (you don't really need to play Chaos:head to understand it). I hope you haven't watched the Chaos child anime but if you haven't and you haven't played Chaos;child i would recommend it, definitely up there with steins;gate when it comes to VNs
  4. Need to play with a better team to get to a 50, it isn't too hard unless you're hardstuck on less than a 50% wr. I think too many people bash the Halo 3 ranking system. It was fine for what it was.
  5. Guess you're now an astronaut. No one walked me through Dark Souls, I did get walked through Dark Souls 3 though. DS 1 was too easy to be walked though, considering i had the BKH + 5, as I said, it does the talking for me. He's right, you forgot a few XXXs and 420s though. I would say there was an abundant amount of replies, although, it wasn't a troll attempt, it was lazy though. Neither do I. But okay. Nice statement which has 0 relevance on how I value games. Oh yea, that time we had a 1v1 on guardian with weapons on, and then when I said let's do MLG settings you ran offline, yea, good times .
  6. Dark souls 1 was a great game, definitely the best since you can cheese the game with souls duping and the BKH. 10/10 game. Dark souls 3, not so much until later on, but the ability to summon the goon squad using the password system does allow for an easier completion.
  7. That's precisely it, and then you have people trivialising it as "angry little men behind keyboards" as justification instead of trying to rationalise the outrage or putting in a tiny bit of research, but that's the current climate today.
  8. From what I understand, and correct me if I'm wrong, it's not the fact that their are women in the game, it's the fact that it's historically inaccurate. From what I remember it's that BF V allows you to play as British/German forces. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm not even fully aware. The main problem is that the British/German did not have females in the frontlines. As depicted in BF V, and therefore it's not historically accurate (And therefore people are saying it's just catering to the SJW crowd). Yes it's true, that there were female frontliners, but from memory they were Russian and French, none of which you play as in BF V. On top of that their numbers were like 1% female and 99% male anyway. So in short, having a female british woman is not historically accurate, hence the bashing. At least what I can tell.
  9. Well, another E3 down, Only looking forward to Fire Emblem and Tales of vesperia: Definitive edition, hands down the best games which are coming out.
  10. Pretty much hit the nail on the head, was a lack lustre performance, looking forward to the other conferences, maybe they will be better, although it won't be hard to one-up Microsoft or EA tbh.
  11. Pretty bad Microsoft conference, best thing was Tales Of Vesperia Defintive edition
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