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  1. Monday isn't possible for me (monday to friday at 14h GMT00 won't be possible). BTW "cfcpower" added me on xbox, asking to be part of the 6 team for the achievement, so if the 2 guys don't answer, you can add him
  2. Yep Lille, France Actually it's gonna be 16h for me (GMT+1 & summer hour) http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/
  3. So saturday 23 right? If so i'll be there
  4. I'm in too. Feel free to add your GTs to the list : - Wer Bn - hockeygoddvd - Alexgaara - - -
  5. Hey, lookin to get all the coop achievements (listed below), and 3 online (also listed below), so PM/FR me if you want them as well Co-op achievements: Cryin' Let the music do the talking Deuces are wild Love me two times Fallen Angels Nobody's Fault Back in the saddle Online achievements: Soul Saver You see me crying Falling off
  6. hey dude, mrbellek and me are also searching 2 people to the crank it up one, so count us in, i'm gonna do vocals and i think mrbellek is not againt doing bass (is not online right now). BTW we are European so let's hope we see each other online
  7. Hey guys, right now we're 2, so we need 2 other person to get the crank it up to 11 achievement. And also the achievement we're you need to play a match with 8 player and the same instrument (we both have 2 guitar, so right now we have 4 guitar) For this it's need to be done in a classic band. The other person is more ok to it on guitar / bass, on my side i can do each one, i don't care, so if you fit in message me, or add me GT: Alexgaara
  8. For big Bucks! It changes depending on whether you are in dollars or euros (and surely for all the other type of money the game is able to use), so in dollar it's 999.999, in euros it's 666.666
  9. Hey guys I need: Cowboys from Hell & Clash Of The Titans <-- not anymore For clash of the tians i'd like to find someone who also have the 4 instrument, it would be simplier And looking for people for cowboys from hell, post in the thread if your interest about it, tell me which instrument you would like to play, and i'll add you in the list. Also let me your GT, and i'll add you to find a hour that would arrange everyone. Vocals : Guitar : woodpete12 Drums : Bass : I can play the four easily, so pick up the one you want, i'll take the last one. I'll edit this post as people is joining. Edit: found someone for the clash of the titans achievements, so find someone else to help you do it Just need 2 more person to do the cowboys from hell achievement, pick the instrument you want, i'll take the last one
  10. As said in the achievement, "faultlessly", so in 1 go
  11. Yeah jolly jumper, thx for that ugoindownsaka (awesome nickname ^^). Good luck for the strike, it's freaking hard If that can help, i got it by respawning at the first check, full throttle, then ejecting myself in front of the ramp and pushing right (or up-right) on the left stick
  12. Arf wasn't sure the name was keel ^^ Well that's the 10 thing you got to hit to got the strike (skittle, nog, pin, tenpin?)
  13. OK for that one it's on the last track of the medium difficulty (don't know the english name sorry) Then when you're at the first long pit, fall down, and on the right there's gonna be some keel, just eject yourself on them and hope you're gonna have a Strike (took me like 20 min)
  14. Yo akiraa20, i'm ok with the 4 four instrument on NTSB (i can easily get 100% on all instrument), so between guitar & drums i'd like to take guitar but coldfusion08 choose the one you want i'll pick the other one GT : Alexgaara btw i'm french so I hope ths is gonna be ok to be all of us online at the same time
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