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  1. If anyone wants to see another Mein Leben run, mine is here: I do a lot of things differently from Kreeper, you might find my strats better or find it best to mix them up.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/TPl4P24.jpg This is the chinese version menu. 1. Save 2. Load 3. Quick Load 4. Quit to Main Menu
  3. You're my hero. After wandering around for an hour and getting no where this did the trick. The guide doesn't mention this part about the pill at all.
  4. I have some questions regarding the Japanese versions of the Dragon Ages. It seems like DLC for Origins has been delisted. Japan store page just shows a trailer. I know Awakening has a disc copy, so the issue is Witch Hunt. Any way to get that DLC now? As for 2, is all the DLC on disc? Seems to be the case according to TA, but can't find anything definitive.
  5. 343 needs to quit dicking around and just make the H2 LASO playlist all original skulls, envy included. That's proven to be doable and still more than enough of a challenge. Someone on TA has made it to Gravemind and he says it's impossible because you never get a checkpoint. I would be livid to make it that far and find out it's still broken.
  6. For those stuck on the "Life's a Beach" mission because the scoring isn't working right, try this workaround. Allows you to skip the whole dancing segment. Worked first try for me.
  7. Yesterday I completed the game as well for the 1000. These 2 achievements are absolutely brutal and very few people will ever get these. I put some info up on TA if anyone cares to read it. Animal's Choice http://www.trueachievements.com/a23957/animals-choice-achievement.htm?showguides=1 The Chosen One http://www.trueachievements.com/a23960/the-chosen-one-achievement.htm?showguides=1
  8. I found this video guide pretty helpful for the radios. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfqDmxL2t5U]Heavy Fire - Special Items (Radios) Locations - YouTube[/ame]
  9. I'm going through the campaign on hard and I'm at the part of the mission Rock and a Hard Place where I have to shoot down a jet with the Stinger. But it won't spawn, no matter what I do. I've reloaded the checkpoint dozens of times, restarted the mission twice, tried moving the save file to a different xbox, and now I just tried my friend's copy of the game and the damn thing still will not spawn. I'm out of options at the moment other than starting this boring campaign over again hoping this stupid thing will spawn. As a completionist, this has me pretty pissed off. This is hardly a hard game to finish and I'd hate to be screwed out of the completion by a dumb glitch like this. What should I do here? EDIT: Problem solved! It turns out the MP update 5 was the culprit. Thanks to VoltFieber on TA for posting a solution for fixing this. Just delete the MP update and restart the mission and the stinger will spawn where it should.
  10. Bought: The Darkness 2 Mass Effect 3 Counter Strike: Global Offensive Will Buy: Sonic Adventure 2 Dishonored Assassin's Creed 3 Halo 4 Doom 3 BFG Edition This year's been a dud for me and sequel season is already in full swing. While I'm looking forward to AC3 and Halo 4, I really want some new IPs. I hope Dishonored delivers.
  11. lol, I try and help people and I just get shit for it. Whatever, this is the quickest way to get this achievement at the moment, take it or leave it people.
  12. That's actually a much bigger waste of time. Just running it at night will take well over a month, 3 weeks if you run in 24/7. I'll have this done in a few days. If you work in shifts, you'll barely have to do anything.
  13. Idling bot matches yourself will get you the achievement eventually, but if you really want to do this efficiently try this set up. Get 10 people to fill up an Arms Race match. Doesn't have to be 10 human players, so break out those second consoles and dummy accounts if you got em. When the match starts, call vote for "choose the next map" and choose Shoots. Once the vote passes, every game after this will be on Shoots and will bypass the loading screen and warmup time. This is almost twice as fast as letting the game switch between Shoots and Baggage over and over. Now you just need at least 1 person to get the 27 kills and finish the match. This is also the fastest way to rack up kills towards God of War, so you shouldn't have an issue finding someone to get kills. You can even have 1 person from each team go at the same time if you want. There is a possibility you will lose your matches played if your xbox freezes during the game, so make sure you quit out to the main menu and rejoin to save your matches played so far. My group is currently averaging about 2 mins a match for 30 matches an hour. 5000 / 30 = 167 hours. When I was running bot matches offline over night I was averaging about 5 matches an hour at best, which would take 1000 hours. You can still idle with this method as long as someone is doing the killing. If everyone is going to idle, drop it down to 9 players and 1 bot and the bot will finish the match at a rate of about 20 matches an hour. If you're fortunate enough to have that glitch where the matches count twice, you can get up to 60 matches an hour. As of this time my group is approaching 48 hours straight of running this lobby. In that time I've gone from about 700 matches to 2600 matches.
  14. Wow, Sony's conference was so much better then Microsoft's. They actually talked about *gasp* GAMES! What a brilliant idea! Other then that wonderbook nonsense it was a solid conference. Ending with The Last of Us was brilliant. I never wanted a PS3 exclusive so badly.
  15. This wonderbook shit is just embarrassing.
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