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  1. I've completed the game now (how short do they want it!). The scenery changed a bit which made it a little less annoying. The user tracks restored my faith I just want to say, this game is NOT bad, I was just expecting more. A LOT more.
  2. I mean COME ON! I am playing on the Xbox 360 btw Issues I have with 'Fusion': - WHY THE HELL IS IT BASED AROUND ONE THING!!! Robots, future, come on, I am already tired of the tacky vehicles in the background - The price. WHAT! - Uplay not working... - Menus, just ew - Where is my customisation? I was expecting at least the level of Evolution but OMFG, THEY LIMITED IT!!! I used to enjoy riding in my spartan helmet... - Music... - No multiplayer, it might have been easy and almost pointless, but why take it out I guess I still have a chunk of the game to play but I doubt any of the above will improve. Disclaimer: I am a HUGE Trials fun and LOVE the series, even though I am very disappointed I will still play the game quite a lot. F YOU UBISOFT
  3. Clearing the System Cache didn't solve anything for me
  4. They have to fix this ASAP! My DNF and my Record are going down So frustrating
  5. #9 good tip to stop me from wearing it... finally.
  6. Actually the Infernal Helm, Angelic Wings and the dyes are no longer Pre-Order bonuses (in the UK atleast) you just get them with a new copy of the game.
  7. Most recently I bought Ted on DVD but I don't buy many DVDs. I just go see movies at the cinema and that's enough for me.
  8. 1. Family Guy 2. The Ricky Gervais Show 3. An Idiot Abroad 4. American Dad 5. The Big Bang Theory
  9. 1. DLC Achievements 2. 0G Achievements 3. Achievements with uneven gamerscore, like 4 or 3G 4. Time taking Achievements on games which I don't feel like playing that long 5. Difficulty achievements on stupidly hard games And I don't know why people hate the infection Achievements so much, I actually like them quite a bit.
  10. 1. Portal 2 (that counts apparently) 2. Bioshock: Infinite 3. Borderlands 2 4. Black Ops 2 5. Far Cry 3
  11. I'll be happy to help! GT: A Duck in IRAQ (message me please)
  12. Guys add me, I'll be happy to play some dirt for fun and to achievement trade! GT: A Duck in IRAQ (if my friends list is full send me a message and I'll clear out a spot for you)
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