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  1. Does this "huge expansion" come with any new achievements? I mean, if we're paying $15 for more content, shouldn't said content have additional achievements? I got burned on the Destiny Season pass, I hope this isn't becoming a trend....
  2. I'm guessing only 1 gamertag that's signed in on the One will receive achievements? Not a true multiplayer game where all gamertags signed in will receive them?
  3. Another example of the power of media. People believe ANYTHING! And the media thrives on them.
  4. Inverted is completely insane. Thats why "normal" is called "normal"
  5. To piss my wife off mostly. Achievements a close second.
  6. I just want a Christmas...for ....Christmas. Because that would mean the so-called end of the world on the 21st didn't happen.
  7. This is probably the 5th guide from you that I've seen this year, Tyger. Awesome job. Just one question, what do you get out of doing these? Other than the satisfaction of helping fellow gamers achieve...do you get some kind of compensation? btw I'm totally new at this forum-posting thing, and YES I am going for 5 posts! And hopefully many more after...
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