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  1. I was wondering how this worked too, for the sake of achievements, can someone else play from the beginning of the game, even though at the beginning of the storyline its only 1 player? If so, how does that work? Do you just take turns sharing the player?
  2. GT: aZTEKv2 I hope I win!!! These are awesome games, they just add up $$ real fast if I want to get them all.
  3. happy birthday

  4. yep, that typo should be fixed otherwise, great job!
  5. looking to boost also... people online are REALLY gay when it comes to playing... they camp it the back, or kick it against the wall... really crappy. looking to do 10 won games at least. so we'll trade 5 then 5 then 5 then 5 = 10/10 for each just msg me on live. the reason for the 5 at a time is because people sometimes have to leave for dinner, etc etc... EDIT: DONE! LONGEST ACHIEVEMENT TO GET EVER (25 WINS)
  6. will be available on sunday/monday of this week, just shoot me a message or friend request =] EDIT: found someone, thanks to everyone who added me for the help.
  7. I can't seem to get the achievement '8 Ball Shark' as listed on here. I updated without thinking that they couldve fixed that 'glitch'. Now when I intentionally put the 8 ball in the first try (2nd Player) it tells me 'Foul: The 8-ball may not be sunk on break'... and does not give me the win. Anyone else getting this?
  8. that was a very detailed and helpful post MTLD, thanks a lot! x360a rox my sox off.
  9. 1 hr left, please join if your still awake!!!
  10. i just thought about this... i know this is obvious, but never thought it outloud.... this means your getting paid to get achievements.... FTW!!!
  11. ok, let me try this again. $100 Best Buy Gift Card Join the challenge. http://www.360voice.com/join/L789HR81 Registration ends in 3 hours. (3:00AM CENTRAL TIME) How do you win? Get the most gamerpoints than everyone else. That means whether you have 1,000GP or 10,000GP as long as you increased your GPs more than anyone else during the challenge, you win $100 BB GC. 360voice is ending the challenges after tonight, so this is the last chance. Good Luck!
  12. cool, i wish you luck... wish me luck also, ill be at another challenge that is going to start REAL soon. http://www.360voice.com/challenge/2911 in case your curious...
  13. $100 Best Buy Gift Card up for grabs sponsored by Old Spice. http://www.360voice.com/join/L789HR81 ends in 3 hours from now to sign up. Good Luck to everyone. My gf made one, but I doubt shes going to play, but if you havent signed up... give it a try, the worst that can happen is that you got a lot of achievements , the best... you get a $100 best buy gift card
  14. im sure this has been said before, but .... supersim? [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9toI56U6bhE]YouTube - Madden 08-xbox360 Easy Achievements[/ame]
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