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    i play guitar, i like xbox360 :D
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  1. Does anyone know what the differences will be between the two versions?
  2. Add me : SOF I XBAIRDZX for the alien online achievements thanks
  3. very weird... i just loaded it up and had this! :L [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Knhe8W3Hgzc]Aliens Colonial Marines Infinite Ammo Glitch? - YouTube[/ame]
  4. i honestly didnt see that and i thought it would be much quicker to ask and get an awnser here not exaclty hurting anyone posting this , i know its the same question but its not like its clogging up the forums? its one post and the way u put it sounded kinda rude :L
  5. wish people would stop telling me to read other things .... i did not see it, end of story i dont need several people telling me that, and in honesty the guide i looked at wasnt clear enough ! so yeah.... well for each collectible achievement, and the optional objectives one, i cant get them as u need to do it co op so i just wont bother thanks for the replys that were nice. lol
  6. i am going to play singleplayer... i have a guide up for the collectibles, are there any collectibles that can ONLY be found in co op mode.. because if so i need to know now so i can just not bother with that one . thanks alot
  7. sorry i was just raging.... and i did understand you but i have done everything else, the only thing i have to do it 100% the main missions :L i done everything else
  8. thanks for at least replying! no one else has, haha this forum used to be so lively! it seems dead now
  9. i have 2/3 and alls they do it chop wood.... i recorded the woman churning some butter. thats my 2... how do i get them to do any of the other activitiys? i have not left in 7 days straight in ac..... i have turned console off and came back on loads of times, how do i make them do another activity, for example the two man saw?
  10. ahh well i appreciate the help m8 .... out of intrest... to buy EVERYTHING in the store... you have to have completed ALL secondary objectives..... if that is the case i have more proof i have done them all as i bought everything and got the achievement :L
  11. i have unlocked all concept art, and everything from the store, i just did the levels in a weird order :/ does that mean i have to do them all again from start to finish? ( because i wont! i did it once... not again lol! )
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