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  1. This still works on ps4 version at least. To make it less grindy dont go straight through, wait for wave 3 to get the second guy and push him through first as hit rate of fire is much better. Then if you can get the second guy through too you will get through waves in half the time.
  2. Id like to know if its still ok, i just bought the game new at tesco for £4
  3. Is this a big waste or what? A 6 year old game, long time dead.....so they throw it out on GWG. Ill pass i think, especially when 400 GS is a long grind on MP
  4. i would say it is - i cant remember what my gs is as ive played my xbox maybe 6 times in 2 years - i think im close to 60000gs but i got that in a 3 year window and then not much over the last 3. i prefer ps3 and i am at level 40 so my achievement hunting days are over but i enjoy playing the odd game.
  5. Ok so im not a huge xbox 360 gamer anymore - i used to be but then ps3 came along - anyway ive recently decided to play again since the only game ive bought in 2 years for 360 is GOW3. so i thought id play a bit of COD WAW tonight and do the 3 online cheevos - and after doing the co-op one i went for the competitive - got into a game with someone who broke the level (they were flying so i quit) and got into a 4 player game on eviction - and i got the high score first time! i guess shooting the badguys pays off when the others are messing about. anyway i just wondered if anyone else got lucky (beginners luck) and got this cheevo right away?
  6. oh dear - its only £8.99 to download right now - surprised its not been mentioned in here! i have the disc - the game has been hard to find at least in the UK for more than just a few months - try a few years! the last time i sold mine i got around £25 for it and that was in 2010 - i bought it back earlier this year from zoverstocks (music magpie sales) for £16 i think it was and thats a really good price. im half thinking of selling it and just downloading it as its not a game id ever regret owning that way. the only problem is, no manual and no map with the online, and i doubt anyone buying the physical copy will be happy with game and case only. ill probably just stick to the disc edition - really should play it again, i originally bought bully on ps2 and never touched it. then i rented it for the Wii when it came out and i spent ages on it before returning it when the game got tough for me late on. im sure id be better at it now, but when i played on 360 i recall having a hard time with early boss fights and maybe i just wasnt used to the controls. its a great game and anyway you get it, its money well spent. infact i just realised i have it on Wii as well which i picked up when Game went bust for £3 - a fair difference to the xbox price!
  7. haha this popped for me today - i havent played gears in a long time (not earned any achievements in a year) as i was annoyed that i cant download the newest DLC for free (it asks me to pay 800 points, bugger that) but when i went on today it said i had played in 29/30 events (i hadnt, i rarely played online just in private TDM) and so i just went into a ranked TDM and played the match, got the level 25 achievement at the start (i was on level 23 before, after i was at 28, im sure i missed something there!) and after the match it popped. 95GS in one go after a long time with none. im trying to yet again DL the fenix rising pack, and i just hope after that is done i can get the last one for free - but when i go on add-ons in the xbl store, there is no free next to anything, just 800 points. is there some major bugs at play?
  8. hi ive only just started with this game despite buying it ages ago and i was working through the first 2 levels getting achievements when i thought i would save (right at the start of level 3) and go and do level 1 on nightmare. so i backed out and started a new game on nightmare, level 1. however what instead happened was the game started on level 2 and it was a recording of my level, everything i did in it. start, back, all buttons did nothing to stop this. so i let it play through and hoped when it ended the level it would stop, but it just replayed it over again. i didnt know the game a record function and even if it did and i somehow accidentally made it start, why it wont let you stop is a weird one. so i quit out the game and went back in, and it allowed me to play level 1 fine, except i got to the exit, it didnt open and i died, and that level is not one to run through. so has this happened to anyone else?
  9. i just quickly tap X and O on the ps3 version, which is A and B. on easy it fills up very quickly. i also quickly tap them when getting out of a hold too.
  10. you might say that - but youre the first on the website i am presuming? which represents a small amount of the people who play xbox 360 titles. also with so many blockbuster games out now, very few are playing this over say GOW 3, BF3, Fifa 12 etc, so the amount of people playing is low - so low we have no input from a lot of people on here or ps3t about the game. so yes you might be the first in america on this site, but what if youre the only one who bought it?
  11. when you finish a level you can continue or go back to main menu and then go back into adventure - it shows all chapters you completed and you can do chapter select to go to the levels that still have crabs needed - those levels will have a crab and say 3/4 or 6/6 so you know what you have missed.
  12. for ben salaads palace there is one when you are flying back to the captain and you here the woman singing, its on the left during the flight, near a lot of bees that might be the one your after? as for climbing the tower i had one there that is well hidden - during the parrot flight underground there are lots of wheels with spikes - well i think the 4th one is hollow, and you can fly up through it to a hidden chest.
  13. yeah i got the deflection master trophy very early on - ive not had any issues with trophies not popping. im going to reach the dodgy level 4-2 later today so i can see if the problem is just related to the xbox version or both.
  14. ive rented this on ps3 - and im going to guess this issue wont rear its ugly head to to the size of the disc being bigger? will say that it still has freexing issues though - indeed it froze my ps3 right at the start of the game when you run from death, but it happened only once and it was fine after for all of chapter 1. just going to do chapter 2 now.
  15. im on now, been 6 months since i did 190 and want to complete this game. ill set to hardcore, 1 live and 5 energy - if its like PSN it will pop for both upon one of us dying.
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