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  1. Dropping in to see if anyone is still looking to boost any of the achievements for this game. For the purposes of Can't Stop Eating! I have three cake items. Send me a message if you're interested in boosting. GT: aGundamDownHere
  2. Curious if anyone out there is willing to give me a hand with this. It's a fun game, but it's gotten a little tedious. Edit: Should have mentioned this, but my GT is aGundamDownHere
  3. Trying to scrape together some kind of party to do Strength of Our Alliance. GT is aGundamDownHere. Send a friend request and a message saying you want to boost it. Hoping to complete this game within the 30-day return policy
  4. Kind of rezzing this thread, but the official achievement trading one is locked so there's nowhere else to really do it. Anyone need Strength of Our Alliance? I just started the game, but given how old it is, I get the feeling I need to start networking now if I want to get this one achievement.
  5. Soulcalibur IV was the first one I ever completed and the first one that got me going on achievement hunting. The original Gears of War and Halo 3 were the two that got me going after DLC achievements.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Doesn't seem very useful one way or the other, since I hardly ever attach any parts to my airmech.
  7. Does anyone know what leveling up an individual Airmech does? Increased hit points/damage? I can't find any sort of information anywhere.
  8. Looking to trade an officer or two for the achievement, and maybe do the 10 missions for a free upgrade. Send a message to aGundamDownHere and we'll set something up.
  9. Let's the last thing I bought was either the Halo 4: GotY Edition or Defiance. One was a good investment. The other was not.
  10. My character, EGO rank 593, no longer gains experience, items, or money from anything. His weapon doesn't level up either. I've lost about 20-30k experience from doing missions and side quests. I submitted two error reports and sent a help request on the Defiance message board. No response, and the problem still hasn't been fixed after almost a month. This game's gonna be a blight on my record forever, it seems. No way I'm going to start a new character if I can't even get some assurance it won't just happen again. Interestingly, despite the game being completely broken for me and receiving no response, the tech support board was very keen on helping a person who didn't receive item high-lights on uncommon items. Not all items. Just uncommon. Thanks, guys. As always, you inspire me with confidence and faith in the system.
  11. The achievement hasn't been changed in the x360a achievement list. Since Transcend is worth 20 and Dungeon Master was worth 25, it's a bit of an imbalance. Not much of one, but a bit.
  12. I haven't had to warp to defend a shrine in a while. They usually either took it over while I was offline or I just waited too long. I'll see what happens next time.
  13. The closest I've ever had to do was one ascended champion and some other jerk-off constantly using curses on me. Were you in a territory with more than one shrine/altar? One of them might have wandered over and then went back to his original shrine when you re-warped in.
  14. I have no idea what formula it uses on when to send which ascended champion. I've noticed that a lot of the time, it won't even mark it down that they've been sent at all. I "control" about 110+ dominion sites, though adding up what my ascended and I have marked puts me at a little under 90. All I know is that I'm getting pretty desperate to unlock this. Other than this, I just have to Transcend and that'll be that. I'm hoping when they release the next expansion (probably gonna be called Badlands, if the map is anything to go by), I'll have unlocked it. If you're going by the tip of having resistances for all elements, don't. Stack up entirely against just fire, ice, or lightning. A lot of people only stat their characters to use one of those elements, and since you only need to beat one person, I would prefer being 100% immune to a third of the players over being 33% immune to all the players.
  15. Hoping for a partner to wipe out the multiplayer achievements. Send a FR and message saying you're from x360a to: aGundamDownHere
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