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  1. Thanks I didn't notice the other thread. I will try sleeping till he sends a text. I already beat the game and did everything but those races and he is not sending anything. I will just try switching characters rapidly and driving around.
  2. Anyone else having problems getting hao to give more street races? I know they only come at night but I only have two unlocked. I did both but he is not texting me the next one at the airport.
  3. Die rise Easter egg need 3 more ppl that know the steps well and are good at zombies.
  4. So if ppl are afraid of losing good characters after dashboarding then just win with a crappy character and keep buying the cheapest ones from the market to replace them. You can do it at any level, I am at fame level 12 and I win with a crappy character in an easier location and the glitch still works.
  5. Nice thanks and also do you know a combo that will get me 40% damage for cyborg?
  6. For supermans star lab mission number 7 one of the challenges is to crush the bugs. How do you do that? I have killed every enemy on screen and only got the other two stars
  7. It's not that hard the charged chakra shuriken knocks away the attacks that the tailed beast throw at you. An example would be The flying beasts whirlwind attack is easily blown away by throwing the shurikens making the battle versus it a lot easier.
  8. Does anyone remember where or how to get the first timeline event from the boyhood section?
  9. I thought I did them all too but I forgot the one in the naruto/sasuke fight. If you choose the legend side you miss out on the secret action so you have to go to the timeline and do the hero side.
  10. What I did was choose the hero path so your not facing seven at once, then focus on taking out the swordsman first but don't hit b when it shows up. Instead just keep letting the Zetsu clones spawn until they stop spawning then defeat one and hit a when it shows up. Keep doing that for about 10 min until you think you defeated about 40 or 50. Also use the y,y,b combo when you can and do that for all three battles and you will get an s rank.
  11. I picked the hero side and used the pills to raise my defense to the max and attack to the max and also used stuff to heal my health near the end when I had one person left so I went to the second fight with full health.
  12. Just back off from them don't go near them and keep throwing chakra shurikens the whole time and summon bee when you can. This helps keep the beasts back and does pretty good damage and it also destroys the whirlwinds thrown by the flying beast.
  13. I just s ranked it using ur strategy I just stayed in the back throwing chakra shurikens the whole time and summoning bee when I could and it helped.
  14. Thank you for the tips what about the other battles with the tailed beast who should I defeat first and leave for last
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