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  1. Just got Dr. Who level pack and game crashes every time you try to go back to 2015 archway. I even tried only having 1 guy on the toy pad. Xbox 360 system.
  2. I would appreciate if yall would download my files! GT: H3Driver I'll be glad to return the favor.
  3. Having played this game right after playing Forza Horizon I can say that this is the worst game out there. If you were to compare these two there Forza would win 10 out of 10 times.
  4. Can 1 person go buy my paint scheme. It's called Please Buy Me I will return the favor on whoever buys it. Thanking you in advance. Thanks for buying it. Got the Ach.
  5. Add me H3Driver looking to get the 5 friends ach. pts Got the achievements, thanks.If anyone needs help let me know.
  6. I'm missing the last two characters. They are at the bottom of the character screen all the way on left side just before the Custom Character spaces. Anyone know who they are and how do you get them? I finished all the levels and walked around the entire map but can't find these last two. Just below Mordor Orc and King of the Dead.
  7. Thanks I would have never tried that. Didn't even think you could go that way.
  8. I'm at the end of the level where you have to throw the rocks at Golum. I can see the Mithril Design Envelope and the last gold chest in the background but how do you get to them? As soon as you throw the last stone at Golum it goes to a cutscene and takes you inside for the finally.
  9. Does anyone know where to find the Mithril Design Envelope on this level. I found everything else but this on this level. Nevermind I found it in another post on this forum. Thanks for the help.
  10. Thanks for the tip. I was having the same problem.
  11. What order do you have to shoot in order to get the Marksman Ach. Points?
  12. Has anyone figurred out how to get this achievement yet? Building an army - You've enlisted to help fight the good fight
  13. Thanks that did it. I just went to the level select screen and choose level 9-5 got the medal and the game contiued.
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