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  1. Yeah after going off and doing other missions they reappeared so no problem now
  2. As title, at least two camps I've been to haven't got the captain's there to defeat. One camp didn't even have any soldiers! Any ideas? Will they just turn up when I go back another time?
  3. Anyone else had this problem? Still not unlocking for me. Done this around 20 times nose.
  4. I've tried both of these methods and still won't work. Don't really know what else to try
  5. Anyone got any ideas on how I can get this to pop? Done it around 6 times now but nothing. Tried stealth and being seen but still not unlocking
  6. Took me ages to get it to work! Make sure the police are enemies and also give them a punch before the brutal, just like in the video. I always just did the brutal first but wouldn't pop. Did when I punched first!
  7. I'm done!! I can't face walking around shifting sands anymore, I've spent hours looking for my last one, I don't believe it's there!! 990 gamerscore and out!
  8. So eventually unlocked this. It seems none of my flier bots registered throughout the game! I know I'd used them lots of times! Either way it's done. Still stuck on 99% for shifting sands after hours of looking and 54% for the monies cheev! I'm not grinding this one
  9. Anyone having any issues with this achievement? I'm stuck on 50% and after swapping all the frames over etc it's still on 50%!
  10. I'm sure I'm being simple here but how do I get this? Door doesn't stay open for long enough? Edit. Ignore I was being simple. Too long looking for final hardware!
  11. So at 99% on lonely basin and shifting sands now! I just want this to end
  12. I only really started collecting them a few days ago and percentage kept going up so still think I'm missing one
  13. I'm still on 99% annoyingly! Been around the lonely basin several times now, just can't find it. Any ideas (and pics )?
  14. Unfortunately not the one I need
  15. I have no update? Tried a few times today to see but nothing, any ideas? Still waiting for finished game achievement to unlock
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