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  1. Happened to me 5 times, earned enough XP to be 100 now but in the end it's nothing. I was reset when XP was time consuming to get, I assume most of you have the map-packs, just do a 10 hour straight session on the next XP event, you'll get it no problem. I don't have them so horde occassionally but generally hate the game since I spent 8 months straight in 2009 doing Ranked matches to get to 69 then got reset. I got from 1 - 61 in the space of 3 hours just doing Horde in the ticker event, not really hard to regain ranks now so just get over it and redo it.
  2. Found myself laughing at the Dead Rising 2 list today as well, some good ones there. What isn't funny about punching a horse in the face, you've seen Conan the Barbarian right? Achievements are the reason I complete a game 2, maybe 3 times. Most of the time if I get the full gamerscore I'm done regardless of Easter Eggs. But saying that I've recently completed Sonic Adventure and even if there weren't achievements for getting all Emblems I know I would have gotten them because I love the game. I dislike collectibles unless they give something awesome in the game, the Gargoyals treasure in the previous game was not good enough to be worth the time-consuming search for all 50. Hope the Gnomes have something better. Really looking forward to Fable III, especially since now you can obviously kill spouses, will be fun to see the amount of ways you can kill your partners (and hopefully) will have to dispose of their bodies... Secretively
  3. Just you. There's a game where you get an achievement for punching a horse in the face. Nothing can beat that. Besides most of the achievements just seem like Fable II's, for example 50 Gnomes (just like Gargoyals I'm guessing), 50 legendary weapons (exactly the same as the Doll achievement but x 10 in quanity) Silver keys (although adding 4 Gold keys is new). Have an property empire worth so much money. The rest are just achievements using it's new features to it's fullest or generally just stuff you expect from Fable. Nothing too original or special since it's a sequal. I've seen a lot newer, fresher lists on sequals but it doesn't change the fact that this is going to be a bloody awesome game. There's an achievement on Lego Harry Potter called Solid Snape. I giggled for like 10 minutes after reading it, Fable's achievements didn't have the same effect on me. Maybe my humour just sucks.
  4. Above ^ And also it doesn't matter what Xbox you created your tag on. When you connect to Xbox Live your gamertag sends data of what you've been doing offline (achievement wise) and makes a new recovery back up on Microsofts servers. Problems like this happen all the time in Where's Wally (it stopped me purchasing it). Some people had to complete the game 4 or 5 times before it perminently gave them the achievement for it. (It gave it before but then locked immediately afterwards). It's just a glitch, I suppose it could happen on any game. Unless you did everything offline and haven't connected to Live yet MS should have a backup of your tag with the unlocked achievements on it.
  5. Big was in the city from the second mission or so for me. I talked to him after beating Knuckles and Chaos 4, quit for a while when I went for dinner and when I loaded the game up, choose Adventure it unlocked.
  6. I've heard of this for other games but not Sonic. I suggest recovering your Gamertag. Might just be a problem with the Xbox Live servers but if you recover it you might have to re-earn the achievements. I'm not 100% positive on the matter as they've unlocked perfectly fine for me.
  7. You unlock Big the Cat after you talk to him but won't get the achievement until you go to the character select menu. It isn't buggy, it's just what's supposed to happen
  8. I really don't get the issue here. How in any way is it disrespectful to the troops and their families? It isn't like the soldiers that are named in the game are actually real soldiers, dead or alive. I think if they want to ban this game they should try to ban all war-based games where you can play as the British, American and/or Russian military. To some country or another, playing as any of the three in a war we 'won' it's offensive to them. The reason why they want to ban it is because we haven't 'won' yet. If we did, they'd be like "Definitely, it's supporting our troops with a job well done." or some shit, but because we haven't it's "OMG GET THE BAN HAMMER!" It's funny that they want to ban this game but yet the British government said yes to joining the war, and they think that this game is a disgrace to our troops when it's their fault all the soldiers, and their families have suffered because of their choice to go to war with the Taliban.
  9. I've been going through the challenges for around a day now. Finished Region 1 now but halfway through it started to make me send the fourth Pinata in each part of the region twice to count that I completed the challenge. It annoyed me but I just got on with it, what's giving a few berries to make it have full candiosity and resending it? Nothing. Now I'm on Region 2, Russia to be precise. I've given the Lemmoning a pea pod so it's changed to the green variant, given it the weather-girl wig and bling teeth, given it a thistle seed to teach it a trick and made sure it's at full candiosity (how am I going to send it off otherwise?) So here's my dilemma. I've sent the Lemmoning off 8 times now. I sold the original Lemmoning I was using after the 3rd attempt and got Gretchem to fetch me another, doing all the requirements for the challenge and then sending it off, every two attempts afterwards I sold the Lemmoning and got another. I've also cancelled and retried the challenge in hopes the glitch would reset. It hasn't. Has anyone else encounted this and know a way to get the challenge completed?
  10. Personally I think since this is the last in the trilogy, Clayton should be the only person in Delta to actually survive, it would be the best kind of irony possible. Clayton should be like a Spartan (not the Chief, but an actual Spartan Warrior), I at least want him to take on a couple of hundred Locust by himself, or save Delta from dozens upon dozens, it would be the coolest cutscene ever; then again if he 1 v 1's a Brumack and kicks its ass, it's just as good!
  11. People can and do mod in most games, whether or not it is online or offline. You mod weapons by editing an item you've got in your inventory on your save file using a Save Editing program, in this case the program's called Willow Tree, (although compatible with the 360/PS3 files it is only intended to be used for the PC version). Modding is easy to do in most games as most people make programs in their spare time or as projects, I made one or two of my own for Diablo II: LOD back in the day. But, it still is against the Terms and Conditions to create modded equipment on ANY game; don't know about using modded stuff someone else has created though.
  12. Whoever the people are who win this, they're damn lucky! HumbledManiak
  13. I need to send 50 camara shots (have a camara) and win an 8 player race >_< I suck in online races GT: HumbledManiak (Will help with any achievements in return, looking to get the Cops and robbers DLC etc sometime so if anyone boosts with me and needs to do it, keep me on your list)
  14. He's referring to me and I was calling the second poster an imbecile as when I started to reply it was before you even posted but now looking at your posts, you fit in that category also. And I have checked it out. I know my stuff before I post. You judge the minority by the majority and that really isn't the way to go about things. Some people glitch to unlock achievements and for others a glitch happens that causes them to unlock achievements. The horde achievement glitch is a two-sided coin and judging the OP because he said he was at a friends house isn't the way to go. I accidentally glitched them twice but I'm sure you think I did it purposely both times. I don't care if some people in your list got reset, they must have done more than just Gears to have been reset. It has been over a year since the achievements glitched over to my friend and brothers accounts and I doubt it takes that long to get reset. There's two cases of SPG. First is doing the method I included in my above post with the signing in and out of accounts (though I believe it is patched now and is something that violates the T&C's of Xbox Live and MS.) The second is through Horde which depending on the situation, doesn't violate any rule since the glitch can happen accidentally and isn't the fault of the player it happens to (if it is an accident). If MS reset everyone with achievements that have glitched in some way I'm sure around 60 percent if not more of the people in these forums would have been reset at some point. I fell through the floor in Darksiders while riding my horse and got an achievement for riding 500 miles. Did I mean to do this? No. Should I be reset for it? Again, no. Logic applies when it comes to resetting accounts. Glitches do happen and they always will, sometimes it isn't the fault of the player that they happen and if they cause achievements to unlock, unless the player actually did it purposely then I don't see that they should be reset for a glitch in the game. I don't know if the OP did it purposely or accidentally. I am going by my own experience and I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I think you should at least consider it.
  15. This happened twice with me. I even posted on EPIC forums about it because I didn't know about the glitch and wondered if me and my brother could be reset. Answer is as long as you don't glitch achievements on games which requires an exploit (I don't think doing a local horde game counts as an exploit) it doesn't matter. There is a bug in the games coding that causes this and it is EPIC's fault for the glitch. You didn't mod or do anything which you would cause the achievements to pop (eg. Signing out and Signing in on a loading screen to cause the achievements to unlock on the second account.) so the blame lays entirely with EPIC. I did it once on both my brothers and mates account. Me and my brother played a game of split-screen local horde and it unlocked around 600 gs on his account. All the Horde achievements on Dark Corners, Snow Blind and the Rank achievements except 100. The second time was during a Double XP event when I was at my mates. She wanted to idle while I did Wave 1 on Security (to reap the XP rewards) and the Rank 50 popped for her (She already had the previous Ranks). The only side-effect I've had since is that I've been reset (Rank wise) 5 times. I think the glitch corrupted the XP in my Gamertag and once I reach around 60 (I was at 60 when the glitch first happened) I get reset to 0 again but I can't be sure on it. Me, my brother and friend haven't been reset (gamerscore wise) but all have been reset Rank-wise and have had all our achievement progress wiped. I hope nothing like this happens to you and don't listen to the imbecile who posted that bullshit about being reset; as I said before I even posted on the EPIC forums when it happened and I haven't been reset. Just carry on playing and enjoy the game.
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