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  1. Looking for help killing Voracidous on lvl 61 UVHM. Im a Siren with pretty decent gear, most seraphs and a pearlescent, some legendaries. Happy to share any of my gear if it helps the team beat him. my gamertag is Rixiden
  2. Just started playing, need the achv for gifting. If anyone still needs it or wouldnt mind helping me with it plz send a FR with darksiders 2 in he message. Thanks! gt: Rixiden
  3. let me get me and my bud in please. Rixiden Skaars of War Thanks!
  4. I noticed on that loot list you have unknown next to the fire bee grenade. i think its a random vending item because I bought it on the deal of the day a while back when i was like level 15. the item was level 9, but was so damn powerful i didnt replace it until well into my 20's and truthfully still didnt even need to replace it. the zone i bought it in was the frost valley whatever where you meet lilith. damn thing maxed out my "grenade kills with AoE grenades" challenge in like a couple days. wish i could get it again but higher level. oh well, makes for a great twink item for my low chars!
  5. actually just bought it on ebay today and will need all the online achvs later this week will be lookin for peeps to play
  6. wanting to play DLC story and survival content. have 1 other person available as well
  7. Hey I had trouble recently getting Defense is the Best Offense to unlock. I had every lvl up to wave 10 on pure strategy on medium and didnt get the achv upon my last lvl. I went back and played level 1 and lost (....lol) and then it popped. Apparently, you cant just quit out to tavern on ur last pure strat lvl, you actually need to FAIL it and die out for the achv to pop. Hope this helps someone as it troubled me briefly and I went searching for answers and found none. Cheers!
  8. Hey I maxed out all my abilities in multiplayer and didn't get the achv. WTF? Anyone else have this problem? I was playing with other people at the time and I'm wondering if thats why it didnt unlock because someone else was playing father bill when his shotgun maxed out. has anyone else unlocked power player in multiplayer? if so, anyone have any idea how i can get this to unlock for me?
  9. i also have the pure pwnage DLC so if anyone wants to team up in 2 player co-op pm me
  10. yeh it glitched on me that time and the survivors were hanging around outside the boat. one of them musta got eaten. replayed and went smoothly. they do all come from the top
  11. anyone know how many survivors there are to get this? also, if they come from anywhere else besides the top? i swear i got them all on the boat from the top of the screen but no achv. now, i did notice that rather than get on the boat they all just gathered right in front of it without getting on til the very end. is it possible maybe a zombie picked them off b4 they could board after i turned away?
  12. please add me to any boosting sessions im off alot this weekend so msg me anytime a group is going to see if im online. gamertag: Rixiden
  13. have already sent many private messages, but to anyone else around i want to try a boosting session at 9pm EST tonight msg me if interested. Rixiden
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