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    I've been playing with my Xbox 360 for a couple of years and i get a lot of fun.
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  1. What I did, with the tips provided by someone else on another forum, was that I downloaded the missing episode directly from the market place from the dashboard, not from the game. Even if you bought the GOTY pack like I did, just go to the regular legacy pack page and you can select each episode individually to download. Once the download is complete start the game and check if it works, if not like it happened to me, close the game and do a cold reset of your xbox. Turned my xbox back on and as soon as the dashboard loaded the download complete pop up appeared, logged in on my account, started the game and then it worked fine.
  2. I bought the disc version of Hitman 2 and downloaded the GOTY Legacy pack of season 1. All installed (almost) and seem to work fine so far, I only did the prologue, Paris and Sapienza with no bug. But here’s the problem : the mission Club 27 in Bangkok (4th mission) in season one didn’t install. When I check all missions from both seasons in game everything seems accessible except this one. In the Xbox App and Games management, the Bangkok mission doesn’t appear, and when I try to access it in game all content is red and directs me to the market place where it says that the Legacy pack is installed. Anyone experiencing something similar?
  3. The only icon for hare hunting is located north east of Moonflower camp in Faith's region, but hares may not spawn even after Faith's death. Instead I've found hares west of Pin-Ko radar station (outpost to clear) in Jacobs region.
  4. Thanks but something was messed up with my game. Deleted the game and DLC, reinstalled the game, downloaded the updates then the DLC and it works fine now.
  5. Sorry if it has been posted before but I have two questions: First, how do i get to level 46? I'm asking because I have all DLCs, ranked up to 45 even before I finished the main game, I just finished The Hidden Ones but I'm still stucked at level 45 and I'm ready to start Curse of the Pharaoh, I don't wanna miss level 55. Is something glitched? Second, I just completed the quest in the desert with the dead soldiers. Where the next quest? I can't find it. Thanks
  6. When you get to max level you still get xp to get more skill points, but are those xps lost for the additional levels, meaning are they credited for the new levels from the dlcs?
  7. Yeah, I did this before going to Whiterun. Anyway the problem fixed itself, because I fast traveled to Falkreath to do some shit then fast traveled back to Whiterun stables, ran to the gate and the guard was there. Don't know how it was fixed though, multiple loadings, enough real or game time for the guard to come back from his day off, or something else. I guess I'll never know...
  8. I'm locked out of Whiterun, meaning that there is no guard outside to ask why I'm there, unlock the gate and let me enter. It's my first time in Whiterun, but I completed the Dawnguard story line to get rid of vampire attacks that can kill essential NPCs, that means I already got entrance to WinterHold College and already obtained the Dragon elder scroll needed in the main quest. So right now I'm locked out of the main quest. Anyone has a solution or workaround for this?
  9. I finally choose Vito because he offers more than the two others.
  10. For the Just You and Me achievement which requires to keep alive only one underboss, which one do you intend, or kept alive based on their bonus and stuff?
  11. If you don't mind starting a new playthrough and leveling legit, put five points of luck and only two on intelligence when creating your character. The luck perk available will be Idiot Savant which, at L1 grants the possibility to earn 3 times the xp whenever xp is earned and L2 upgrades this at 5 times. You put one skill point on this perk when you get level 2 and a second point when you get to level 11. So it's just a matter of quick saving right before rendering a quest, discovering a new location or killing a large critter like the mirelurk queen, and reload until Idiot Savant proc. Here's something useful : https://www.reddit.com/r/fo4/comments/3siw35/i_tested_intelligence_idiot_savant_and_experience/. Note that the perk stacks with temporary perks like Well Rested and Lover's Embrace, or the 8th issue of Live and Love magazine for even more xp. For example, I completed Old Guns for the Minutemen, went to sleep to get the Well Rested bonus and with 4 Int. it payed 407 xp, reloaded untill Idiot Savant proc and ke-ching : 2037 xp. Right now, I just completed Reunion in the main quest, haven't explored much south and east of Boston, haven't gone on any building spree in my colonies, haven't got to Far Harbor yet, let alone Nuka-World and I'm already level 86. In fact, in the last few hours of play I only did quests for the Railroad : Memory Interrupted, Butcher's Bill 1 and 2, Mercer Safehouse, the 11 Weathervane quests, the 6 Randolph Safehouse quests and 3 Jackpot quests. I went from level 81 to 86 in no time. So, for any completionist level 100 isn't even a challenge...
  12. Totally agree with you guys, I'm tired of futuristic shit in COD, which is why I couldn't get into AW and Black Ops 3, so I hope a Ghost 2 will be made. I really loved the extinction mode with the kind of coop mission "go there do that and get out" unlike the endless zombie mode.
  13. Looking for a partner to get the Party Hearty achievement in score attack. Send message on live.
  14. I'm thinking coming back to this game on the xbox one after I completed it on the 360. If a dedicated team needs one more player to do all extinction missions, including achievements, send me a message on live. I already did everything on the 360 so I know what to do and I'm prestige 20.
  15. You have to find Cliffs Hedge Hotel west of Far Harbor and Longfellow's shack.
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