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  1. Looking for a buddy to knock out the co-op achievements real quick. Shoot me a message if you're interested. GT: CGPsaint
  2. Nice find. I found a similar area to harvest both Caragor cages as well as slaves, however I noticed that the achievement tracker is stuck at 24%. Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. The Naval Strike DLC is pretty much impossible for me to play, all of which is exacerbated by the fact that I can only join games through quickmatch, as the Server Browser is worth fuck-all when it comes to finding games. The only game type that the Server Browser will actually show any games for is Domination. If I select anything else, it says, "No servers found." DICE/EA at their finest. I'm awfully glad that I bought Premium so that I could spend all of my time playing the vanilla maps because the DLC maps are unplayable.
  4. I envy you good sir. I can't be bothered to play through the garbage campaign again, so for the time being, all hopes of reaching 100% completion in this game have gone out the window.
  5. If only it were that easy. I have had to join/exit 5-6 games in a row just to find a server that is not glitched. On top of that, the lag has been absolutely unbearable. I'm not even sure what to chalk up my last encounter too. I spawned on a radio beacon on the roof and emptied 16 rounds from my P226 into some guy on a ladder. He sponged every last bullet and then waltzed through a claymore and gunned me down before I could even reload. Displayed health: 100%... go fucking figure.
  6. Air Superiority was my favorite game mode from Battlefield 1943, and I continued that love with the new AS mode in BF3. I really wish that they hadn't ruined jets in BF4, as it was the mode that I was most excited for. Oh well. I guess I'll have to give Titan Mode a whirl and see if it can offer the same excitement that AS offered so many years ago.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I am to a certain degree still an achievement whore, but I don't have the same enthusiasm that I once had. My time is more limited these days and honestly, there are far less games that capture my attention. That being said, I would much rather find a game that I enjoy that hold my attention, than be grinding out achievements in games that I couldn't give a rat's ass about. Check my profile... there are quite a few kiddy games and EA Sports titles that I wish I could simply delete. In the meantime, I am getting increasingly frustrated because BF4 is literally one of the only games that I'm interested in playing, and most nights it's barely playable at best. I find it hard to look forward to ANY DLC when the core game is still so broken. So yes, I'm 100% with you. Why bother grinding shit out! Find something that you enjoy doing and have at it!
  8. No big surprise here. The game is broken again. Or more? Either way works. I have either been dropped into an "unranked" game or managed to find a normal server only to lose connection. Over and over and over again. There is absolutely no f'ing excuse for this. The game has been out for over 3 months and it's still an absolute broken mess. This has been the final straw for me and I'll be damned if I ever spend another penny on a game released by those ass-clowns over at EA.
  9. DBV-12 for the win! KOBRA (RDS) Laser Sight Full Choke 12G Dart Stubby Grip For the most part you can be confident that you can win most short/medium range engagements with two solid hits, and you can engage multiple targets simultaneously with the Flechette rounds. An 11 Shell magazine and manageable reload time make this an all around great shotgun for all but long range engagements.
  10. I am still getting kicked back to the dashboard pretty frequently, and the OHK seems to be ongoing. Adding the Headshot icon was most likely their way of hiding the fact that they didn't fix the issue.
  11. Does anyone actually bother to use the XP Boosts? The only time I bothered is when I was working towards unlocking all of the handguns. Even that wouldn't have taken too long without boosts.
  12. Ohhh!!! A shiny new dogtag to distract us from the fact that the game still has serious issues! Yay!
  13. Player Appreciation Month continues with these new features: * ALL deaths will be the result of a "headshot" which will give you a warm fuzzy feeling in which you think that we have fixed the 1-Hit Kill Bug! * Hit Markers will no longer appear which should solve complaints about landing multiple hits and still being 1-shotted. * Rubberbanding has been added to increase realism and difficulty. * Limits have been placed on the number of games that you are permitted to play in one sitting. After a random number of games, you will now receive a black screen or you will be sent back to the home screen, letting you know that your mandated break has begun. * Killcam will now show that your killer's health is 0 as an added measure to make ALL deaths more frustrating. I know that I'm beating a dead horse, but I need to vent for a moment, so bear with me. FUCK DICE! I feel moderately better. Dinner and then maybe I'll have another go at it.
  14. Same here. Pretty much every death now shows the "headshot" icon, even if I was killed from halfway across the map by a submachine gun... My other beef is with displaying the health of your killer in the killcam. EVERY single person that I got into a firefight with that killed me displayed 0 health. Here's a thought, if you can't get this shit right, then don't show the killer's health, because there's no fucking way in hell that every fucking person that kills me is rolling with 0 health... I don't know why I'm still getting angry at DICE/EA. I should have expected this. They should bundle their games with lube.
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