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  1. I think that review was about on par, quality wise, with the game.
  2. I was pretty sure the Q&A said the opposite. Being detected by weepers does count. Edit: Here's the article. It says:
  3. I don't think the limit is by the amount of "tablets" you have in your case, but rather the amount of herbs that you used to make those tablets. I've had 16 in my case before, and also had 10, but couldn't put any extras in. Edit: Actually, maybe it was 11, and you're only able to put them into the case if you have 10 or less.
  4. They may not be too hard, but they are irritating as hell in RE6. Thankfully there don't seem to be as many "instant fail" ones as there could be though. I still wish they'd do away with them completely though. I don't know a single person who actually enjoys them, so I don't know why designers think that games need them. Asura's Wrath was an interesting use of them (as was Indigo Prophecy), but they're more a story than a game, so it suits those more.
  5. I had no problems with Asura's Wrath QTE's, but in that game they made sense (and you expect them). In RE6, they tend to just surprise you with them at every corner. Usually they're not hard, but there's a few that go by in less than a second.
  6. I was laughing at how bad it was. It had to have been the most cliched, contrived ending ever. [spoiler=TheUnique324]And why would Chris have consider leaving the BSAA? It doesn't really seem too safe to be a civilian in that world. And leaving Piers in charge? In charge of what? His team got completely wiped out twice. There's also no motivation behind Piers as a character either. He's just your typical action second-in-command, whose only reason is to play off Chris' cliched angry, vengeful army captain character. It really seems like the entire Chris campaign was written by a teenager who watched far too many generic action films. There was no suspense, no lulls, no decent plot, and no proper development. There wasn't even camaraderie between the teammates (Finn is the only one who got mentioned at all, and he was on the team for all of 2 hours?). Perhaps it's just me, but the only tears shed were for the wasted potential and demise of a well enjoyed series.
  7. Oh, I'm aware that I probably do. I really would like to see a Resident Evil movie with solid characters, good acting, and a strong script. We definitely won't be seeing it from the live action movies, so I was hopeful for Damnation. Unfortunately, it wasn't what I was looking for. Perhaps in a future movie. We can all wish
  8. I felt completely the opposite way. The voice acting and script were absolutely awful. The animation was decent, but nothing amazing. Unfortunately, I only made it about 30 minutes into the film before just giving up (and I've watched some bad movies). I know a lot of people say "It's Resident Evil. It's always had bad voice acting and cheesy lines.". That really isn't an excuse though. I thought Degeneration was much better, though I was quite drunk when I watched it.
  9. Looks around for low hanging power lines. There's one on the opposite end of the street to the 3rd AA gun (walk direct out from the AA gun, and then take a left into the dead end at the end of the street). You should see a pole with red and white stripes, and a power line hanging across the street. Just wait for the BOW to come to you, and he'll get stunned by the power line. Then climb up the ladder to your right, jump on to the BOW using RT, and spin the stick to pull off the cover.
  10. I'm pretty sure that if you quit out, then go to reload from the last checkpoint, you can change the difficulty.
  11. In order to pause the game, you need to have "offline" mode selected. Then pressing start should pause the game.
  12. I found that the best strategy was to have a rocket launcher. With 12 rockets, you should easily be able to drop the shields and do a huge amount of damage. I also had corrosive gas grenades, which I threw in front of it. Between that and the launcher, the fight was over in about 15 seconds.
  13. I haven't paid too much attention to it, but they seem to be tied to bonds with characters, and doing the "change timeline" quests (the ones to unlock the redux quests). I could be completely mistaken though. Edit: Nothing to do with the type of level actually. I'd say it's mostly to do with bonds, as I got 2 a minute ago. Just did a mission after a load of banquets.
  14. I must say that I found the Banshees quite easy. Once their barriers were down, they can no longer teleport. Their attacks are then insanely easy to avoid, so you just reave their armour away while pumping their heads full of bullets.
  15. I imported my ME2 save, so I started at level 30, and it really isn't that hard. I've done nearly every mission with Liara and Garrus (I'm a Sentinel). Using singularity + throw usually results in a dead enemy, and they recharge in about 2 seconds. I'm now level 50, and the only parts I had trouble with were when I didn't notice one of the heavy reaper weapons that I was meant to use. Much easier than Horizon and that damn platform in ME2.
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