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  1. Im stuck, and i keep getting trampled any tips on this?
  2. thanks, im trying the warrior but i may switch up
  3. looking to do some on the co-op achieves.
  4. using the warrior, but whats the easiest to complete the game?
  5. looking to do all the online achievements. im on right now i will only have this game for the day.
  6. Tyger7 - you're a G for making this... any chance i can DM you a question?
  7. trying to understand why you are getting butthurt and defensive over a simple question that myself and others have asked. so easy and back off chief.
  8. What is this "things to do" that you speak of? calm down killer. the post above is a simple question. so i take it you are a personal friend of the thread creator?
  9. me too, it was a great help for the first half.
  10. you still working on this?
  11. ^^^ no. and i went to 6 targets. all had the same price and said "SALE" on the tag. thanks big guy. but i'll put the title as what i choose.
  12. grabbed 3 copies http://i1116.photobucket.com/albums/k564/Game_2_Gamer/scan0001.jpg
  13. My bad, $12 bucks. picked up 3 copies. http://i1116.photobucket.com/albums/k564/Game_2_Gamer/scan0001.jpg
  14. I love the Achievement trading threads and all... And i don't know about everyone else but i work on a few games at once. so when i go to that game's forum and sign up for the achiev trading thread and log back on the next day i get 4-5 of the same thread tittle "Achievement Trading Thread" So just a suggestion instead of having to open each one if we can start putting like "Halo Reach Achievement Trading Thread" or "COD Black Ops Achievement Trading Thread"? Just to help people looking at the User CP to quickly identify what thread relates to what game. Or maybe i'm doing it wrong and there's a way to tell?
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