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  1. Howdy Squalo. Just wanted to let you know you are officially etched in XBA history as member number 117 to hit 200,000GS. You can see your name in history HERE.

  2. "From the 23rd April 2015 onwards, Virtua Tennis 4 will be unavailable to purchase digitally." Game is currenty on sale for -80% on steam and will be delisted soon so go and get it now if you want to. No idea what happens to GFWL after 23rd April but I hope it will be still playable if you buy it now. Buy here
  3. Hi there! I'm looking for players to help me with few multiplayer achievements. I need to complete 10 levels and bosses with another player. I have level 11 trench and pretty good gear so it wont take long to complete those 10 levels. Send me a message if you're interested and we can do those achievements before GFWL goes down:( GT: Squalo FIN
  4. Lord of the Rings: War in the North is on sale today on the GamersGate. Does anyone know if this game have Games for Windows LIVE support if bought from GamersGate. This site doesn't mention anything about GFWL. If anyone knows please answer quick because the sale ends in 14 hours:Bounce: EDIT: PC VERSION OF THIS GAME DOESN'T HAVE GFWL SUPPORT!!!
  5. I can confirm that you can unlock characters in multiplayer challenges. I unlocked most of my missing characters playing those challenges.
  6. Hi gamers! UPDATE: Found my last character in the last football level. If you are missing characters try playing those football and object destroying levels again. This time focus more on killing enemies than completing objectives and make sure you have those developer characters unlocked
  7. I need help with Fashion Victim achievement. Only items I need are: -Chef´s Hat -Military Suit -King´s Suit -Men´s Masquerade Suit I can help with other achievements too so if anyone wants to marry me or have a child with me send me a message
  8. Less than 30 seconds. There is no problem with loading times but I just lost all my weapons and armors
  9. I'm having problems with my bros as well. The game doesn't find any bros from my friend list. I'm from Finland and I'm using LG Optimus 7
  10. I have old elite version console without wi-fi connection so I think this isn't the problem. Thanks anyway:)
  11. Same thing bothers me as well. Well either I got lucky with my secondary account or there really is problem with my primary one because I've been playing with my secondary account since my latest post and there haven't been any problems with connection. Tried several games and dashboard and none of them got me disconnected. I wasn't downloading anything or playing online so this is really looking bad. Could it really be my account that has the problem?
  12. I'll have to try playing with another account. I'll tell you if my secondary account stays connected.
  13. Lucky you:p For me it may happen 3 times in one hour:(
  14. I'm using ethernet cable myself and I used wireless connection at my friend's place. I have 4 years old Elite console and my friend have about 1 year old Slim version so I don't think my problems have anything to do with hardware either. I have had my current internet connection about 3 years now and my connection problems appeared last autumn. Until that there was no problems at all. Thanks for your answer Robot Headache!
  15. I have had connection problems with Xbox LIVE for a long time and I hope someone here could be able to help me. My Xbox (and GFWL) keeps disconnecting from Xbox LIVE constantly. Sometimes I lose my connection every 5 minutes or so which is starting to be really annoying. What is really strange is that I don't lose my connection while playing online or downloading something. I don't lose my internet connection just the connection to Xbox LIVE and when I try to reconnect I get error saying "Your console can't connect to Xbox LIVE...". Second try works and I can connect again. Another thing worth mentioning is that I was playing some games at my friend's place using my own Xbox LIVE account with his console and internet connection and I was having same connection problem. Is it my account that is having the problem because my friend doesn't have any problems at all with his account? I have contacted Xbox LIVE support but they didn't give me any answers. If anyone is able to help me I would really appreciate your help. Sorry for any possible spelling mistakes. English isn't my native language:)
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