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  1. Whats it like?Anygood?I cant get the maps yet you see.
  2. How do you join one of these leagues along with the friends i play with?
  3. This week aye av mostly been avin most success with the MP7.
  4. Hardcore players been fucked over with a lack of modes.
  5. Only things i dont like is lack of hardcore modes and why can't they show how much xp i have earned after everymatch?It just seems to show the score.
  6. Why?There's only four modes!Please someone tell me that more unlock.
  7. Amazing how many people never play this game anymore yet still come on here moaning about it.
  8. You don't have to recover your gamertag,my brother unlocked all the achievements before they were updated on xbox.com and they didn't show up on his gamerscore,all he had to do was complete the game again to unlock them properly after they were updated,no need to recover.
  9. Yeah,Tyger always does good guides.
  10. Used my token aswell so 4x XP for couple of hours this weekend.
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