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  1. Just looking for some clarification...Does the monthly (I think it's monthly) killer Tier Reset cause you to lose Killer status and go back to qualifer, or does it simply reset all points accumulated as a killer for top 32 reasons?
  2. Wow, you weren't kidding...I seriously hope there's an update planned. It's a really fun game to play, but I don't know if I can grind out 200 online matches under these conditions
  3. Lv.28 Warlock, both subclasses leveled, on 360. Looking to do Vault of Glass. Message Wurmw00d. I'll be online for the next few hours and am usually on weekday nights.
  4. It's definitely possible through the use of Focus. Although I believe you're right, I overlooked the word "match" so this one shouldn't be difficult after all.
  5. http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2014/may/27/ultra-street-fighter-4-trophies-surface-playstation-4-consoles/ Looks pretty straight forward. I just hope the double-ultra one is USING two ultras, not actually CONNECTING with two ultras.
  6. One Pursuer will drop the Ring of Blades+2 and the other will drop a Washing Pole. You can cheese them by letting one curse stab you (where his sword turns blue). While you are caught in the curse animation, the other pursuer will despawn as long as he wasnt attacking. Kill the lone pursuer, bonfire, then the other will respawn by himself when you go back.
  7. Did you exit properly after each dungeon? Falling down the hole and NOT homeward boning? It's weird that you got the chime but not Climax or the Xanthous set...Only thing I can think to do is try killing Darklurker again and immediately speaking to Grandahl. If that doesn't work, you may just have to wait until NG+
  8. Just looking for a 60 Manticore (preferably socketed). Have numerous 60 Legendaries and few set pieces (Danettas Revenge, Natalyas Embrace, Natalyas Reflection, Blackthorne Surcoat, Travelers Pledge). Just send a msg. WURMW00D (with zeros). http://intext.nav-links.com/images/spinner-ani48.gif http://intext.nav-links.com/images/spinner-ani48.gif
  9. Preorders come with an experience-boosting helmet too, so that should definitely speed things up even more.
  10. These challenges were absolutely retarded. Unless you're brand new to MTG, every one of these challenges took almost no thought to solve (with the exception of the last one).
  11. Looking through the PC achievement list, there are definitely some that make me shudder. I'd say it's safe to assume they'll throw in at least a couple of the grindy ones (which I really wouldn't mind for a game like this).
  12. Very excited. I haven't gamed much on PC since Diablo 2 and Final Fantasy XI. The only concern I have is how movement/targeting will work. It will never be as fluid as mouse/keyboard, but I assume you'll move with LS and target with RS. But then targeting and using skills both with one hand would be terrible...
  13. I never understood why people constantly flocked to yearly sports game with only an updated roster and minor gameplay tweaks. Now I get it!
  14. I'm super stoked about the Sliver deck. Always loved Slivers, and the deck itself seems pretty solid.
  15. Ahh, bummer. Got excited when I saw the Sealed mode achievement. When you say 80/151 from the pool, do you mean that each and all boosters are randomly made from the same 151 card pool?
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