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    Where there is good beer. I shall be there.
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    Canada, likely stuck in a snowdrift...with no shovel
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    Blowing upping of stuff when not running, cycling or paddling. Or out for beers. Or stuck at work.
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  1. You mean beer right? Or beer and coffee? There is no other option.
  2. Deadly Premonition, it's just bloody awful. But I actually enjoyed it in a twisted way. Not enough to 100%, but enough to at least finish the story and not completely regret it.
  3. Hah! Sorry I missed this dude, my wife would say yes. That's all I need 😊

  4. Quick update, screw it, started my own clan. OPSBREWERS Interested, drop me a line on live, am currently only member and not on often but let's see if we can get some shit going
  5. 9 now, quiet sneaky ninja test I'm better at. Guess I'm the only member playing this right now lol
  6. 8!!!! Fecking jumping test. I'm a shitty space ninja, usually rely on slamming into walls to stop my momentum. Platforms? Ugh. A week of trial and error and finally did it! Now I can build my first Prime: the Braton! Edity: so evidently there was a problem with our router, swapped out to a newer one and no problems at all now
  7. So trying for mastery 7 and .... You think an exterminate trial of kill X baddies in X seconds would be easy. If the enemies would at least fucking spawn. First two attempts failing because I need 2-3 more kills and the enemies are nowhere to be seen and I run out of time while hunting for them. Feck. Maybe one day I'll be able to log in again and not see "server not responding" and be able to try again.
  8. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  9. I was still humming along with Battlefield 3 when it came back with GwG. After a 5 year hiatus cranked up to lvl 100 finally, unlocked every attachment for every weapon (but not the vehicles, I'm a shit pilot) and now ..... meh. Anytime I drop in it's basically because I can't get on to the Warframe servers, so work on getting more dogtags and bolt action sniper kills. But when I can get on the servers: Warframe. Been really enjoying it. Have about 50 games on my HDD and don't really give much of a damn to play any at the moment.
  10. Gonna bump BEA's ancient suggestion of Warframe. it's pretty much the only thing I'm playing right now (when I can get online at all that is, playing from South America is a bit wonky and time is at a premium), and I'm still a relatively new player myself but..... IT'S FREE (can't beat free) It's shooty campy space ninja fun as hell And has had some massive updates over the last few years really improving on the game as a whole. So there.
  11. If anyone is part of a clan that has the research capacity in their dojo I'd love to join. Want to research the archwing attachment for flying in the plains. Current clan has no research capabilities :/
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