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  1. I enjoyed it, will prob pick it up on Blu-Ray when its released here in the ole UK.
  2. Finally got through it and got the cheeveo. Must have taken me at least 30 tries. My main issue was that there was no indicator on how close the eruptions where to the car. Also FP mode for driving is rotten
  3. Same with me. Only the first discc has the install prompt, the second must require it to read from the disc at all times
  4. I agree. The game has its faults but its not a failure of a game. Better than original Risen(on 360 at least) by far. Im on the elf city part and so far I am enjoying it though it is frustrating at times
  5. Good argument. Like Dark Souls, if you just go running into battles, you will fall. I find it best to prepare, lay traps, have a decent supply of potions, pick off some enemies with stealth. Remember that enemies will return to their zones if you get a decent distance away from them. They will return to full health but the dead ones will remain dead, so you can take a few out each time. Also your if you partner falls, when you leave the enemy zone, they will rise and be fully healed. Make sure your partners tactics are set, So far I recommend Sybil as she can heal you.
  6. Hi All Can anyone suggest where the best place to get Enemy within achievement(15 kills with mind controlled enemies). Ive beat the game and hardly got any of these kills as most of the time my mind control guys got mauled.
  7. Just beat it myself, and i would say I agree with you in most of your points. I couldnt get the 1000, as I didnt have enough flank kills and enough mind control kills. Where was your place get mind control kills? The enemy controlled always just gets totally destroyed before getting even 1 kill although I noticed that you can control the walkers and the mutons so they are a bit more hardy. I cant be that far from the 15 though. All in all I thought it was a good game and well worth the 13 hour investment and the £10 cost! Onto the DLC!
  8. When people mention Spiders (the devolpers/publihsers) its always Faery or Mars War Logs that gets mentioned. Never Of Orcs and Men, the fantastic RPG or Blood Bowl. Thinking about pre ordering this but not sure? I might wait for a price drop as cash is a bit tight atm. Unless it reviews really well I think I'll wait till it gets to £25
  9. I got lucky with the chariot boss. I dodged her first charge, then it seemed like she was stuck on the edge of the platform and I just spammed my quick attacks on her back. Didnt manage to escape the edge and i whittled their health down that way. The 2nd part was a pain though took me a couple of tries but got it through saving my witch's embrace attack. Instant death for them if you get their bars down low enough. Still managed to fail the QTE a couple of times...
  10. The one I was missing was the one flying around the top of Oscorp. Thanks for the person who mentioned it!
  11. Got it finally after 5 tries. Seems like its random what the other guy picks, but try all 3 and if it goes to a tie, then pick the one that you havent already used
  12. Anyone having trouble getting this one? Tired it few times and can quite get it right
  13. I blew Justin's leg off Drove off with the sister Ditched Nate Honest to Leland Stayed in the car Only Vince stayed at the camp though not sure why??
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