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  1. I can also confirm that completing the game on survival does not unlock either of the other two difficulty achievements. It will have to be three playthroughs for sure.
  2. Greetings - I am looking to just strictly do all the coop stuff in Dead Space 3 on Standard (Awakened achievement included). Message me on Xbox if you are interested; know that I have the Devil Horns too and beaten the game on Hardcore so I definitely can blaze on through. Update: All done with them. Thanks fearorfenwe!
  3. I need all the online achievements, including "Boned" if anybody is forming a group. Anyone who wants to partner up for the good fight message me!
  4. Need 1 friendly hug. Anyone interested? EDIT: Done. Thanks everybody.
  5. Need a calm, patient person to complete co-op with (which I haven't started yet Professor Portal seekers), knock out all the co-op achievements with, and just have fun in general. Send me a message if you are interested. If you have another profile that you can let me get Professor Portal with, then that would be the icing on the cake (wait the cakes a lie isn't it? No matter) EDIT: Done with coop campaign
  6. Use this thread in order to trade online achievements with other forum members!
  7. Anyone up for the two Multiplayer achievements? Message me if you are. EDIT: Got them thanks.
  8. Looking to get Affiliation. Anyone up for it? Message Me. EDIT: Got it thanks.
  9. Guys the whole hacking thing is really no big deal; I mean C'MON it doesn't take a genius to figure out which ones are BS. You want to know your true position follow this simple math formula: Say you have 7 hackers (h) on the board in question. Simply take your position (p) and subtract 7 and presto! you have your true position (t)! t = p - h Let the idiots take their chances and have their top spots; if they were too stupid to comprehend that's an obvious breach of the Code of Conduct and Microsoft bans them I say good riddance, have a good laugh at their expense because they have nobody to blame but themselves, and maybe they will stop and ask themselves if that is an intelligent idea rather than act on their attention seeking instincts. Who knows? Maybe once you get past the whole hacker thing they are cool people to play games with.
  10. Need Chaos Generator and Sacrifizzle. I only need one person as I have two controllers. Anyone up for this just message me. UPDATE: I got Sacrifizzle on my own, but if you still need it I will still help you.
  11. One helpful tip I can over is unload a haul of animals every chance you get as you go through story mode. After going through all 6 characters your chao should be significantly improved and cuts down on time spent replaying action stages. Also your hate makes me think of these two very cruel chao videos: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWxHtXg5RIs]YouTube - Sonic: Goodbye Chao[/ame] Good-bye Chao - XMAS EDITION ...you heartless bastards
  12. If anyone wants to pop out 100 frags right at the start with me so we can quickly move on to single player, send me a FR with a "Doom 2" message. I will be on tomorrow when it comes out. GT: Zombie Hunter 0 EDIT: Got 100 frags already. Thanks BedCommando!
  13. Looking for a group to get the non XP multiplayer ones. Send me a FR if you need more people. GT: Zombie Hunter 0 Edit: Got them all except the XP ones now which I will slowly chip away at. Thanks you guys for the help.
  14. Looking to get the friend achievement (none of my friends have this) right now. I will be on for the next three hours and can also help you with all of them besides Death Adder (just got that goes fast in regular matches just stalk people). UPDATE: Have them all now thanks
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