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  1. Looking for a quick Call-out and will return the favor! GT is: ttsutaoka
  2. I also need the Chaos Squad chievos for Mooil Rig and Fizzco Robotics. GT: ttsutaoka Will help others as needed.
  3. I'm looking to boost achievements/RP and complete heists. As of now I'm only rank 11, because I just started playing online. Looking to boost these specific achievements: -Backseat Driver -Run like the Wind -Full Refund -Can't Touch This I'll be on around 6pm PST (10 hours from now) and I do have a mic. Also willing to help anyone else with their achievements/RP I didn't see an official boosting thread, sorry!
  4. I'm looking to do the Raid today before it resets on Tuesday. I have one friend who is willing to help as a level 29 Hunter, and I'm a 29 Warlock. GT is ttsutaoka if you would like to help.
  5. So just to clarify, do the Infusion upgrades from the Season Pass count for the Infusion achievement? I'm already on Chapter 9, and have just activated my Season Pass... and because the content is in the something Blue room, I guess I can't get the achievement this playthrough... Right?
  6. How did you get Pius Thicknesse? Apparently you have to do Dark Magic on the drain pipe just as you enter Knockturn Alley, but it's not allowing me.
  7. Halo Onyx commendations > Gears 3 Onyx medals Good job to you! I want to hit at least 90%. 2% away
  8. I'm looking to get my Downshift commendation up. Anyone wanna be my gunner in Big Team Battle or something? message me at: ttsutaoka
  9. I want to get some of my Multiplayer commendations up. Mostly Downshift (Be a vehicle's driver while a passenger kills an enemy in multiplayer matchmaking). I want to get my Commendation percentage to 90. No particular reason, just a goal I'm aiming for. I'm willing to help others with Commendations/achievements. I do have 4 controllers.
  10. I finished the game with S rank and the blaster is nowhere to be found. I got the achievement for saving Rebecca for the third time, but still no blaster. Any ideas?
  11. Don't pull the trigger the whole way. Just tap it continuously.
  12. I'm trying to get a couple gold weapons before I Prestige. Not sure why But I intend to continue playing Domination until I get under the 1000th rank. From there just keep playing
  13. Love this gun especially in Domination, when I'm being Dominated. That's really my only use for it. To take out campers or groups of people. I think it should be in 70-75 range. Not 80. And it is definitely nerfed from MW2. Shot the ground right behind some dude and he didn't die :/
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