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  1. I was just wondering who all found it offensive because boobies are so taboo. : Even though I don't post much and hardly replied to threads that you made Weiss, I did enjoy reading them. Good luck in the future and good luck with your weight loss program. Oh the nip slip is more like a brown sun burn.
  2. The mods and admins really need to pull the thorn out of their asses and get over it that guys like BOOBS!!!1! OMG BOOBS

  3. I had to pay around $800 for my cats, but they are rare. I couldn't watch that video, not sure why cause I love disgusting stuff but I couldn't stomach the video. Congrats though thorn!
  4. Make sure to save it in a .PNG file. That will make your background transparent.
  5. Yeah censorship is bullshit. I GAURANTEE that a 10 year old, hell maybe a 7 year old has never heard fuck, shit, uhh what other words there are. Stop raising our future to be pussies, cause we may turn into Canada. :p
  6. Man you like totally have to make a new gamertag man or wait till you're 18 man cause your government is gay man. Oh wait, this isn't the 70's anymore...
  7. On monday my family and I are heading down to Playa del Carmen for 10 days. Going to be amazing.
  8. Funny thing is that it's semi true.

  9. lol I love the quote in your sig.

  10. Congrats to LSU eventhough I wanted the Big 12 to take the title home this year.
  11. I'm talking OS'. Apple has a much better OS than Microsoft.
  12. This makes me laugh considering M$ makes shit products for the most part.
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