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  1. I was just wondering who all found it offensive because boobies are so taboo. : Even though I don't post much and hardly replied to threads that you made Weiss, I did enjoy reading them. Good luck in the future and good luck with your weight loss program. Oh the nip slip is more like a brown sun burn.
  2. The mods and admins really need to pull the thorn out of their asses and get over it that guys like BOOBS!!!1! OMG BOOBS

  3. I had to pay around $800 for my cats, but they are rare. I couldn't watch that video, not sure why cause I love disgusting stuff but I couldn't stomach the video. Congrats though thorn!
  4. Make sure to save it in a .PNG file. That will make your background transparent.
  5. Yeah censorship is bullshit. I GAURANTEE that a 10 year old, hell maybe a 7 year old has never heard fuck, shit, uhh what other words there are. Stop raising our future to be pussies, cause we may turn into Canada. :p
  6. Man you like totally have to make a new gamertag man or wait till you're 18 man cause your government is gay man. Oh wait, this isn't the 70's anymore...
  7. On monday my family and I are heading down to Playa del Carmen for 10 days. Going to be amazing.
  8. Funny thing is that it's semi true.

  9. lol I love the quote in your sig.

  10. Congrats to LSU eventhough I wanted the Big 12 to take the title home this year.
  11. I'm talking OS'. Apple has a much better OS than Microsoft.
  12. This makes me laugh considering M$ makes shit products for the most part.
  13. You have to be a subscriber I believe.
  14. Hey I made a thread on another site called consoleheroes.com and if you could maybe drop in and say something about the site you should get some business from us.


  15. Alright thank you. Just ordered a 4000 points card and it worked great. I'll definitly use it again.


  16. So I'm trying to get this straight before I purchase, I can ONLY buy point cards if they are 4000 MSP?

  17. Lol weird fact, I've never had one either cause I hate chili with a passion, just sounded like a good name.
  18. http://digitalpilgrim.typepad.com/the_digital_pilgrim/WindowsLiveWriter/spam.irritating.pernicious.illegal.immo_6DC3/ist2_2950767_exterminator%5B2%5D.jpg http://www.teenhollywood.com/wallpaper/400x300/232/britney-spears-wallpaper.jpg
  19. The criteria is Mass Effect and I was aiming for simplicity with the first one.
  20. Lol you fail. My great grandpa lived to be 101 and he fought in two wars and that's not exactly taking care of yourself. I also think you need to brush up on the Justice system.
  21. A Zebra so I could see if I'm black and white or white and black.
  22. Lol yeah I used that as a tut for this sig..
  23. To all these people who hate Fallout, how far did you guys get?
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