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  1. One thing is for certain though:
  2. Detailed post here: [Clicky] I too have to split it up into two systems for stats, but my favorite/worst games of the year will be combined. Xbox # of achievements unlocked: 3,594 Total GS: 176,240 Games Started: 152 Games Played: 158 Games Completed: 155 Games I didn't finish: Devil May Cry V: I just did the Virgil DLC. Still no plans to do the remaining achievements that would take weeks of practice. Forza Horizon 5: For some dumb reason they added an achievement that would take months to get. Even with that, they STILL aren't adding monthly smashable challenges, and my last challenge didn't count because #Xbox #Achievements #Greatsystem so ffs. Halo Infinite: They have an achievement that can't even be obtained, and elimination hasn't even been announced yet, so RIP Halo completion. That achievement sounds like a nightmare, too, especially if everyone I play on my main account is going to be a sweaty warlord. 14 GSL games added achievements that I can't be arsed to go do unless for GSL or a different XBA tournament. Best month was April (GSL): 2,840 achievements for 157,000 Gamerscore. Worst month was...5 other months with zero Gamerscore Playstation # of trophies unlocked: 3,042 Total [Gamerscore]: 139,275 Games Started: 101 Games Played: 107 Games Completed: 105 Games I didn't finish: A Hat in Time: I simply cannot be arsed to do the other 50% of the death wish challenges. I knew they would be fucking awful if they came to console and sure enough, three years later, they did. Oh well. Far Cry 6: Another round of cannot be arsed to do the insurgencies because they are lame, boring, provide zero interesting gameplay, and I would need to do them all 3-4 times (not including fails) to get the trophies. I also don't feel like finding a random co-op partner to do them, either, which makes my job harder if I choose to do them solo. Ubisoft can suck one. Best month was May with 435 trophies and 29,955 [Gamerscore]. Worst month was April with 3 trophies worth 150 [Gamerscore]. Best I played in 2021: 1. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory 2. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 3. Hades 4. Marvel’s Spiderman & Miles Morales 5. Halo Infinite (Campaign) HM: Skyrim: Gave it a 10/10 but wouldn't put it above the other games since I already played it like 5 times lol HM: Serious Sam Collection: My 1,000th game played and another 10/10, but I've already played all three games several times. HM: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: 10/10 but it was basically just DLC so not putting it in top 5. Release Part 2 pls Worst I played in 2021: 1. Gravity Rush 2 2. Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince 3. The Path of Motus 4. Radio Squid 5. Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure Most disappointing I played in 2021: 1. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania 2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider 3. Final Fantasy XII 4. Halo Infinite (Multiplayer) 5. Forza Horizon 5
  3. 2021: A Year in Review Oh man, do I have to type this up? Well, here goes. January: Not going to lie, January 2021 was stacked. My PS5 had just arrived and I dove straight into some of the best exclusives Sony had to offer. I completed Demon Souls with relative ease thanks to previous PS3 knowledge and having my best friend Ellie as a walking encyclopedia. In 2021, I helped a total of 4 people get the platinum, 5 if you include a few item drops for Honda to help his journey. I also played the absolutely gorgeous Spiderman games. February: I spent almost all of February playing Destiny 2. How and/or why I racked up 120+ hours of this game in Feb still baffles me, even with new content. I also got around to the fourth Steins;Gate game, which sadly did not have trophies. It was still fantastic, as are all of 5pb’s visual novels. Lastly, I cleaned up Win 8 Solitiare before the servers closed, and played another round of DMC V as Virgil. March: Another deep dive into one of my favorite games of all time: Skyrim. I regret nothing. If Bethesda came out with a never ending Skyrim that isn’t an MMO, I would literally never play anything else. 10/10 once again, and there is now a PS5 stack to chase eventually when I need to scratch that itch once more. I also played the pile of shit known as Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Bleh. April: GSL. Already did a write-up you can find earlier in the thread. Long story short I played 140 games on Xbox and completed all 140 of them for 157,000 Gamerscore. In just one month, I had already beaten my all-time yearly Gamerscore record, but even then it was only good for 2nd place in the tournament. The cooler accomplishment is that according to my records, I played my 1,000th video game of all time in April 2021, so that’s cool. May: What a fucking awesome month. I nabbed the Serious Sam Collection as my 1,000th video game of all time and had a blast completing it. Serious Sam 3 was a lot more fun than I remember, TFE and TSE were nostalgic as hell, and Serious difficulty was quite the challenge I was motivated to overcome. Follow that up with Mass Effect: Legendary Collection and you have a month that flew by in what felt like hours. I even got a friend to play ME for the first time and he enjoyed it. 100% recommend, just have tissues nearby once you get to the third game. June: I kept the momentum rolling into the summer with some VERY good games, including: AI The Somnium Files, Scarlet Nexus, Ara Fell, Control, and FF7R: Integrade. Each one of these games could have easily made a top 10 list for 2021 if I expanded it that far, so June was another great month for gaming, and flew by in an instant. July: I spent most of July played Final Fantasy XII, which had been on my to-do list for quite a while. I thought it would be fantastic, but I was severely let down by just about everything except the banger soundtrack. I’m sure it would have been different news if I played XII on PS2 back in the hay day, but alas I did not. I also played Astro’s Playroom in July, which was a very enjoyable experience that I wish lasted longer. August: August housed two of my top 5 games of the year, as well as the worst game I played in 2021. Funny how that works! Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory and Hades were so damn good. Despite stopping after KH1, the story summary was easy to follow and made me want to play all of them. Hades once again showed that SuperGiant is one of the best indie devs in the business. On the wrong end of the spectrum is Gravity Rush 2. I don’t think I’ve ever had a 20+ hour game where I was raging from start to finish. What a massive letdown compared to the first game. Other August goodies included the Zero Escape series. Spike Chunsoft hella delivers on their visual novel/adventure hybrids. I also did my 3rd or 4th playthrough of Demon Souls, can’t remember lol. September: And thus began the random idea of grinding out six straight Far Cry games. Believe it or not, I didn’t get bored doing them all back to back. The open world formula is enjoyable and stress free for me. It’s actually the one type of game I can play without taking a break or wanting to go do something else. FC4 was a dip in enjoyment from 3, but 5 and New Dawn were very good and made up for it. I only wish that New Dawn was twice as long or something because I love post-apocalyptic games. October: I made a potential mistake in picking up Far Cry 6 but it was hard not to when the XBA staff were talking about how much fun it was. I admit I did end up enjoying the game itself, but now with the stupid insurgencies and three seemingly similar waste of money DLCs, I’m agreeing on the mistake part. Would rather have waited to play it all together for cheap, rather than gamble on day one. My other big completion in October was Okami HD. Ended up being a bit aged, but still very fun as a Zelda fan. November: After 40 attempts, I gave up trying to get an Xbox Series X the legit way and paid a Craigslist premium of $150 to a scalper so I could play Forza Horizon 5 on release. FH5 was stellar at first, but the story sucked balls and the broken online ruined a lot of my fun. Not to mention my 7 day ban for having “ass” on my car (if that was even the trigger) really pissed me off. Still, I made it to 500th on the accolade leaderboard at one point (out of 10 million players) and had some banging scores on PR stunts that I’m proud of, so I don’t regret the 120 hours I put into the game. November also released Halo Infinite multiplayer, but sheesh I had nothing but negative things to say about it. Other fun stuff includes Alan Wake Remastered, Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, Haven, and the Spyro Trilogy. December: Just finished writing this up, but the takeaways were: Halo Infinite Campaign, Hades for the second time, and Robotics;Notes. All of these were 8/10 or 9/10 ratings, and even made my top 5 lists right at the end. Robotics;Notes DaSH has me hyped for the return of either series, but sadly nothing is announced at the moment. Statistics and Top 5 Lists My favorite part of the year! On Xbox, I managed 3,594 achievements for 176,240 Gamerscore. Hell, just GSL alone shattered my records for most achievements and Gamerscore in one year, so these numbers are both new records. On PS, I followed up with 3,042 trophies worth the equivalent of 139,275 Gamerscore. My platinum count was a very satisfying 100 on the nose for 2021. All of these are new records, mostly brought on by stacking. I don’t know how much I’ll be doing that in 2022, so I really don’t expect to beat these records without trying. With two new records here, that means my combined count of 6,636 achievements/trophies is a new record. Remember when I said 4,200 was a crazy, unbeatable number? Maybe I should go touch some grass. My annual cost for gaming is lower than last year, coming in at $2,256.30. Even though I bought a $700 Xbox, I immediately offset it by selling three complete PS4/XB1 systems and 15 controllers lol. My gaming hours add up to 2,780 for 2021, or an average of 7.72 hours per day. These are very rough estimates, as it is annoying manually keeping track when shit like quick resume and PS5 power saving mode mess up my numbers. But, historically, 7 hours a day is about right. My unique game count came in at 274, with 257 being new games played in 2021. No doubt that most of it is GSL trash and unique stacks for PS4/PS5 regions, but that’s another new record that will require serious work to beat. The breakdown of games: XB1: 141 PS4: 73 PS5: 37 PC: 14 XSX: 6 PSVita: 2 Switch: 1 What does an entire year of daily Destiny play look like? Well, its embarrassing. Here are my top 5 most played games by hours in 2021: 1. Destiny 2: 695 hours 2. Forza Horizon 5: 127 hours 3. Halo Infinite: 118 hours 4. Skyrim: 101 hours 5. Final Fantasy XII: 67 hours As Thanos once said, reality is often disappointing. My top 5 most disappointing games I played in 2021: 1. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania 2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider 3. Final Fantasy XII 4. Halo Infinite (Multiplayer) 5. Forza Horizon 5 I cannot explain in words how disappointing Super Monkey Ball was. This is a series I have literally hundreds of hours in as a kid, with all levels memorized and nothing but nostalgia. Yet I only played three hours of the remake for Switch before canning it and literally never turning it back on. Why fix what isn’t broken? I stuffed Shadow of the TR here because I really liked both of the first two TR game reboots. Only one minute-long section of TR was good, the rest was very forgettable and almost always frustrating. FF XII was disappointing because I was expecting a masterpiece like Final Fantasy X but it wasn’t even on the same worldline. Halo Infinite multiplayer’s letdown is 95% MMR at this point, making every game unenjoyable. Forza Horizon 5 rounds out the list with its broken multiplayer (which still isn’t fixed btw) and snowflake employees who autoban you for an entire week for the word "ass" and then ignore you when you inquire about the ban. Lets go ahead and address the pile of shit in the middle of the floor. My top 5 worst games played in 2021: 1. Gravity Rush 2 2. Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince 3. The Path of Motus 4. Radio Squid 5. Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure Gravity Rush 2 could have taken 2nd on the most disappointing list, but I put it here instead. What a pile of shit. I can’t really put my finger on it, but it was non-stop frustration for 36 hours of literal hell. The next three games hail from GSL ’21. Cursed Prince took a controller from me with its extremely frustrating gameplay. Motus could compete for worst game of all time on the average gamer's list, and Radio Squid should be on every company’s whiteboard under “What not to do when making a video game.” Lastly, Demetrios and his 150,000 fart/poop/puke jokes got old faster than McDonald’s fries sitting on your counter for two minutes. If I could rewind, I would have deleted that game from my hard drive and refunded the 1000 Gamerscore I suffered through. Time to wash the pallet clean! For my hidden gems, I try to include games you probably haven’t even heard of, or perhaps games I hadn’t even heard of before playing them. The list was very easy to make: 1. AI: The Somnium Files 2. Robotics;Notes DaSH 3. Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition 4. Project Starship X 5. Beyond Eyes AI and Robotics were on my radar for a while simply because they are made by Spike Chunsoft and 5pb. With the sole exception of Chaos;Child, these two companies have never failed to deliver a very enjoyable story that keeps you engaged the entire time. Ara Fell was picked simply for the artwork, and I’m glad I played it. The story was quite good for a short game, the characters were relatable, and the music was relaxing af. Project Starship X was incredible, despite being clearly designed for achievement whores. I stacked it a total of 5 times in 2021 and enjoyed it every time. I really wish I could beat the entire game but it gets so difficult! Lastly I put Beyond Eyes, which I never heard of myself. Expected a trash GSL game but instead got a unique experience and a tearful ending that I still think about. I would hug her if I could. If the subtle pictures weren’t enough, my top 5 games played in 2021 are all pictured above Here they are in order: 1. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory 2. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 3. Hades 4. Marvel’s Spiderman & Miles Morales 5. Halo Infinite (Campaign) Not going to lie, I wanted to give it to Mass Effect but considering this was my third trek through the trilogy, I gave it a backseat to Melody of Memory. Melody is the only "new" game that I gave a perfect 10 to in 2021. I really enjoy rhythm games, and the Kingdom Hearts music is incredible. The story mode also gave a synopsis of each game in an easily understandable recap. It made me want to play them all, but sadly they are either difficult, 100+ hours, or both for each game. Hades was a no-brainer, considering I did it twice in just four months. RNG boned me pretty hard on both save files, but I still had a blast with the gameplay and story and would recommend it to absolutely everyone. I put both Spiderman games here because Miles was so short (and it’s my list, fuck you). Both games were incredible from start to finish on the PS5, and are must plays if you ever own one. Already excited for the next entry! Last on the list is Halo Infinite’s campaign. I had a really good time with my initial playthrough, and as mentioned above, the music really hit the nostalgia bones. How many times can one woman cry from just music playing? Yes. Even my LASO playthrough was enjoyable because I had to play with high alertness at all times. Frustrating? Yep, but it felt rewarding beating a section while flying around with infinite grapple and a mf tank cannon. Other honorable mentions include Serious Sam Collection, Control, Scarlet Nexus, and Skyrim for the 100th time. The Future I actually did well on playing my 2020 anticipated games, completing 4 out of 5 on the list. Fairy Tail is still like $50, so if I want to play it I’m just gonna have to bite the bullet. My top 5 games released in 2021 that I can’t wait to play in 2022 are: 1. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart (Will literally be my first game of 2022). 2. Nier Replicant 3. Serious Sam 4 4. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy 5. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Only played 1 out of 5 of my 2021 anticipated games, but that is because Ghostwire Tokyo and Horizon Forbidden West got delayed. The other two were Ratchet & Clank and Nier Replicant, which I will get to early in 2022. Here are my most anticipated 2022 releases: 1. Elden Ring 2. Horizon ZD: Forbidden West 3. Ghostwire Tokyo 4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 5. Bayonetta 3 HM: Cyberpunk 2077 (PS5/XSX): I really want to give this another try without the 400 game-breaking glitches I experienced when I played it on PS4 in 2020. I’m willing to forgive you…Maybe… If you made it this far, go do something more productive? Haha just kidding thanks for reading.
  4. December 2021: Halo Infinite: Played through the campaign and finished the slog that was the multiplayer battle pass. Campaign was nearly perfect and everything you could ask for as a Halo fan. The music especially seemed to hit hard at all the right moments and tingled the nostalgia bones quite a bit. The story was okay, better than 4 & 5 and leaves plenty of room for continuation. As for the multiplayer: Its gotten better. It all boils down to MMR being the single most annoying thing in the history of Halo. Please remove it from non-ranked, please and fucking thank you. The 10-15 games I played on an alt account with low MMR were the best Halo Infinite games I've ever played, and dare I say those games were fun. Agatha Knife: The first game I finally eliminated from my Non-GSL pile of games. I loved it! Such a quirky story that made me laugh, just like MechaNika did. Was not disappointed at any point and the ending was stupid (but fun). Demetrios - The Big Cynical Adventure: The second game to eliminate from the non-GSL pile and it quickly shot up to one of the top 5 worst games I played in all of 2021, surpassing even GSL wank. A well-placed fart joke is funny, hilarious even. 150 fart/barf/poop jokes in a 5 hour period is NOT funny in the slightest. Story was awful and so was the art. Puke. Pretty Girls Panic!: - My last planned PS4/PS5 whore stacking for the year. Game played like an old Win 95 game called Jezzball, but you uncovered pictures of girls instead of closing off the level. It was pretty awful after the 2nd or 3rd stack lol, I wanted it to end. Hades: After being blown away by how good this game was back in August, I decided to stack it on Xbox. Once again I had a great time with it, besides the double dose of RNG fucking I received. It even took me 14 additional runs to complete versus PS5 because Achilles & Patroclus were taking their sweet ass time. SMH. Cthulhu Saves Christmas: I just had to grab this when I noticed it received a limited release on PS5 (thus the high cost). I loved their only other console game Cosmic Star Heroine so it was an instant purchase. Game was short, but sweet. Loved the 4th wall breaking as well as the Carol of the Bells boss remix. No complaints, now port the sequel to console please! Fifty Words by POWGI: When I noticed I was close to a record breaking 3,000 achievements AND 3,000 trophies in a single year, I popped in two Vita games I've had sitting around thanks to crossbuy. Nothing to report; POWGI games are incredibly dull and extremely boring. The real win was not falling asleep for 45 minutes. One Word by POWGI: See above. Except for this one I tried to speedrun the platinum. Only made a 5 second mistake but came in third for the NA Vita stack. How the hell did someone beat me by a whole minute? Who knows. Robotics;Notes Elite: The third visual novel series from 5pb was a must buy once it was announced, and I finally got it in December. The story was great, but did have a few boring parts. Still much better than Chaos;Child though, at least I could finish this one. The ending was very satisfying and I felt fulfilled, thus the 8/10 rating. Robotics;Notes DaSH: My final game of 2021, which is a direct sequel to Elite. I made a preliminary list of my best and worst of 2021 thinking it wouldn't change, but boy did DaSH come in swinging. The entire time I was having a blast and enjoying the story very much. Each ending was fantastic and Daru from Steins;Gate was SOOO good in this. It really opened up a lot of future entries for either Robotics, Steins;Gate, or even both and I'm 100% here for it. I almost gave this a perfect 10 but its hard to do that with a visual novel. I couldn't screenshot all of the badass scenes because it was blocked, so -1 point for that? Next up is year-end stats plus the best and worst of 2021, so I'll probably type that up early next week. Or tonight since I'm up. YOLO?
  5. Your POV: Double Kill My POV: +50 Assist +50 Assist
  6. Are we going to see a Killer battlestation soon?
  7. Played Halo Infinite (GotM) with Dante XBA & ImStylinOnYaBro.
  8. Yeah I think so. Do you know if anyone has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  9. Pretty sure I did a wheelie because I was bored and killed myself mid mission, so at least you didn't do that
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