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  1. Hey everyone! Going to go ahead and wrap up this thread. Big thanks again to everyone who came out and if we do GSL again next year, hope you will all return! For now, check out our Community Gaming Event [Here] that runs monthly if interested. We are also always open to feedback and tournament ideas so feel free to post them in this thread: [Here]. Take care, ~Puppys
  2. Last sign up (until GSL '23???) Forum: Puppys GT: x1001x Puppys Milestone: 1 million gamerscore.
  3. If I didn't live with someone, yeah I'd put it in the bathroom or something.
  4. Think its more of a face you make when youre trying to eat and your cat just took a massive dump in the litter box.
  5. Can let Stylin' chime in if he kept that stat, but the TA summary said 280 games played.
  6. Here's my write-up for GSL '22 for those interested. I say "I'll keep it short" but for fucks sake it always seems to end up being a light novel when I talk about it, so I don't blame you if you skim it lol. TL;DR: I played 278 games, spent way too much fucking money, earned 342k gamerscore, and my team won. Lol
  7. April 2022 (GSL '22) This year I am going to keep it short rather than a super detailed week-by-week write up. For starters, I didn't even think I was going to participate. I have scored 50k the last three years in a row, including 132k in 2020 and 157k in 2021. It is taxing on the mind, body, and wallet. However, immediately after GSL '21 ended, ImStylinOnYaBro wanted to participate and potentially team up. I figured if we could get him approved to participate, I would go again. What I did not realize was that Xitilon, Rata, EastAsia and whoever else has been PUMPING out these easy games. I did buy a lot of games on sale throughout the year, but I didn't always have Live to take advantage of the sales. I think I ended up with about 100 games from sales that I queued up for GSL. I started with Aery and immediately had trouble because the brightness is turned up to 1000 and you can't see shit. Not to mention my teammate put up 100k on the first day and we were losing by the time work was over. I seriously already considered giving up, so I slept until like 10pm on day one. My first completion of GSL wasn't even until like 11pm on the first day. On day 2, my only plan was to beat my record amount of GS scored in one day, which was 29k at the time. I did NOT expect to get anywhere near 100k in one day, but I pushed for it once I realized it was possible. I did manage to crack 100k right around 11pm Saturday night. This gave us the lead that we had to work super hard to keep throughout the tournament. During week 2, our main competition got sick irl. Despite that, Necrophage was still putting up insane numbers and Hoebagger had seemingly unlimited ammo. At the end of week 2, Stylin and I had to make a big decision. We were so close to giving up because Stylin had a trip coming up, I could not keep up with Necro despite having no life, and Hoebagger was plugging away. I also realized that I could easily reach over 1 million gamerscore from all the crap available. I personally like playing a good game for major milestones, so I was not willing to score more than 999k. This meant if the Shepherds kept up the pace, we'd lose. Either way, my decision was "fuck it, if anything I'll just aim for 999k and see where we land." That decision was very expensive... Our lead had shrunk down to just 2,000 gamerscore on April 15th. Fun fact I haven't shared yet: When I saw this, I popped in during work and blew through 3k in 10 minutes. During the next hourly update, we were still just 2k ahead so I basically helped prevent losing the lead for the first time since we took it on April 2nd, lol. I seriously underestimated both how much score was possible in such a small time frame, and the score that would be needed to win if the Shepherds could keep their pace. At the very beginning of week 3, Hoebagger got really sick irl and with real life needing his attention, he decided to stop scoring at 267k. Despite this, Stylin and I both just kept blowing threw all the trash we bought. Personally, I don't even want to think about crappy games after GSL is over, nor hold onto them for another year. It was kind of nice though, as I could play some longer, better games instead of making ANOTHER large purchase of crap games. I blasted through everything left and finished with the "crap" on Thursday the 28th. I swapped out a lesser game I had for Life is Strange: True Colors so I could finish off GSL with a great game. Both of us wrapped up early Saturday evening with a grand total of 732,315 gamerscore earned between us two. Good god almighty. Our new score surpasses the GSL team record by over 200k. With our crazy scores on our respective teams, Necrophage and I are now the king and queen of the GSL Hall of Fame leaderboards, so check it out [here!]. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GSL '22 Wrap Up & Stats Don't want to know how much you spent during GSL? I don't blame you. But I'm willing to share: $1,394.56. It was a little higher than this, but I had to delete about 10 games off the list and save them for later (the cost will technically be for whatever tournament I use them for, if any). I recorded how much I saved from buying those ~100 games on sale; that total savings number is $489.86. Holy crap! Imagine if I did not buy games throughout the year, sheesh. My final score was 342,005. I played 278 games during GSL and completed all 278 of them. This includes 12 games off gamepass, which is a new record for me! I'm glad I played those GP games, as they were some of the best on the entire list. Another fun fact is that right before Xitilon added the TUs for Smart Moves 2 and the Hedgehog games, I was one achievement away from 99.80% completion (sitting at 99.797%) That is the highest my Xbox completion has ever been in 16 years. Pretty cool for me. Despite playing 278 games, a very, very large portion of them fell into the meh category of 4-6 out of 10. Here's the breakdown of every rating I issued those games: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Bad: Top 10 Worst Games of GSL '22 10. Aery: Calm Mind - These piles of shit from EpicXR seemingly get worse and worse. This was my first GSL '22 game and I ended up rage quitting it until the next day. One level took me a combined effort of 1.5 hours and you could not see the collectibles the entire time. I wish we would stop supporting EpicXR so they would go out of business. Their games are absolute dog shit and probably the lowest effort game maker out there for Xbox/Playstation at least. 9. Candleman - I picked this up because I noticed that a 1500 gamerscore game would even me out to a total gamerscore ending in 000. The problem with this game is that it is NOT optimized to be played on XSX. The game looks fine on X1, as indicated by the walkthrough I used, but I could not see a damn thing on most levels. Normally I'd be done with a GSL game in 1-2 hours tops, but this game took me 6 hours and was pain and suffering (and blindness). 8. Gutwhale - Here's my most frustrating game of GSL '22. The game only takes 2 minutes to complete a run, but it took me about 50 tries to beat it for the time trial. Incredibly frustrating trying to fight speed with violence and momentum because I'm no Dr Disrespect (and its a shit game). Funny thing is, I didn't even have to do the 2 minute speedrun after all. The game is broken and I could have escaped for the final achievement without it. Oh well, at least I kept my cool but my controllers were sweating a possible room-long launch at the nearest wall. 7. Under Leaves - I saved this for close to last because it was highly rated on TA. What I ended up getting was a TERRIBLE "locate shit" game where I could not use hints, nor could I use a guide because they were randomized. Some levels took me 15+ minutes to find 10-12 items that blend in with the environment. Hell, one level gave me such a fit that after 20 minutes, I opened every single guide on Youtube and watched through every single lets play until I FINALLY completed that level. Love when a 30 minute borefest turns into a 2 hour borefest. Who the fuck rated this above a one on TA? 6. Alveole - This is such a pitiful excuse for a game. You get 15 pictures that make zero sense, and all you do is either jump over a single obstacle or get hit by it. The best part is I had to do the game twice (XSX stack) and even better: Half the time the game glitched on me. Both me and Stylin had multiple instances where the game broke. Pile of shit. 5. Promesa - I did my fair share of walking sims during GSL '22 but this was one of the worst. Not only was it extremely boring, it had no purpose or direction and was in Spanish. You walked at literally the speed of a snail, and you had to do it all in one sitting. It was probably the longest hour of my life and nothing was aesthetically pleasing to look at. The sad part is it isn't the worst walking sim on this list... 4. CATTCH - Oh my god. This pile of shit has been broken since launch and still is. In order to get progress on achievements, I had to close the game at least 40 times and had to reset my Xbox 5 times. Eventually I got sick of that shit and looked for alternate solutions. Finally, buried in a TA forum, I found a surefire way to get progress on every level every time. What a complete waste of time and money...And all I had to do was enter a bunch of cheats for the 1000G! 3. Radon Blast - Radon wins the award for most boring game I have ever played. It was just shy of being able to AFK the thing, so I needed to pay just enough attention to be bored as fuck for the 2 hours it took to complete. Man, what a shame because I love DX Ball (from Windows 98!) but this game had zero life to it. Also, why the fuck would a brick breaker game have regenerating bricks????? It extended the playtime by 15-20 minutes at least. I also didn't realize at first that I needed to change the difficulty so cue me playing for 15 minutes thinking "I thought this was easy??" 2. The Enigma Machine - Wow, what the hell was this excuse for a game. The graphics are worse than games made in the 90s. The longest level in the game was so poorly made, you couldn't see where you were going. The keyboard that you needed to type on a lot what pixilated so bad you could not even see which letter was highlighted and had to guess before typing. Wow, we need a serious look into what constitutes as a game that can be sold. The only reason this isn't my #1 is because it was not frustrating. 1. Happi Basudei - 🙌 Congrats on being the worst game of GSL '22! So despite only taking 20 minutes to complete the first time, this was the worst game I played out of 278 games. The premise of the game makes no fucking sense. Why add coins to collect and enemies to kill if collecting even one coin makes you fail the game? The controls were incredibly unresponsive, forcing me to double jump on accident (run killer), jump straight up instead of sideways (run killer) or not do a fucking thing (run killer). To top it all off, I already had bought the Windows 10 version so I had to do it twice. Top tier garbage from Xitilon; god I hope they don't add TUs to this. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Ugly: Most Disappointing Games of GSL '22 Alright so I wasn't planning on this but after seeing Necophage post about his, I wanted to chime in on a few games that weren't "bottom 10 worthy" but were 100% disappointing. Not grabbing a top 10 here, just listing a few. 3. Beat Souls - Some of you know how much I love rhythm games, but unfortunately there just are no quick rhythm/music games out there. I found this game in the music genre, and the screenshots made it look like a potential rhythm game. However it was just a boring ass scroller that didn't even seem possible to fail. The music was horrible, too. I had to mute it because it was so bad. Oh well, can't win them all with eastasiasoft (more like can't win any of them). 2. The Suicide of Rachel Foster - Walking sims can only be so exciting, but this game is $19.99 and has a 3.42 rating on TA. That's very high for a GSL game! Instead, I got an extremely boring game with a very confusing location, a useless map, and a snooze fest of a story. There were several instances where I had to sit at the next location and wait 2-3 minutes for dialog to end, which is horrible design for a walking sim. The story also had no direction and then was like surprise! Everyone in this story is awful. The only reason I had a even an ounce of fun is because I streamed the entire playthrough on Twitch. Got to hang out with Stylin and a few friends while doing it, which saved me from falling asleep. We all made fun of the game and I even made a command for it that we spammed the whole game. 1. Firewatch - Okay so I've heard nothing but praise from this game. And yet I got...an average GSL experience? Nothing about this game was exciting to me. I wasn't invested in the characters or the story, and the open world was just another recipe for getting lost. I was super exciting to find out what spooky stuff was in the mysterious cave that hadn't been opened for three years, only for it to be the most predictable and uninteresting reveal of all time. For a game boasting a 4 star rating on TA from a massive 3,400 votes, I am not impressed. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Good: Top 10 Games of GSL '22 10. Retrace: Memories of Death - So I actually had a tough time making my top 10 this year. I had 17 possible candidates that I had to narrow down, and I also had to eliminate one more game once I played Life is Strange. Anyways, the first game to make my list surprised me a lot because it looked like shit at first. However, I was actually very interested in this game once it began, and I was invested the whole time. I liked the story a lot but it fell very flat at the end and made no sense. Still, it was riding in my top 5 until the end so I decided to include it in my list because I was impressed. Might honestly be the first eastasiasoft game to ever make my top 10. 9. Unpacking - I played this very early in GSL '22 and had a great time. The first few levels I was like "I love this!" It was also nice being able to turn off "things must go in their exact places" because lets be honest, sometimes we put shit in random places for a while when we unpack. Also, the dumb bitch was putting things like a computer keyboard in the kitchen boxes sooooo yeah that can just sit in the middle of the kitchen floor for your stupidity. But by the end, when I had to unpack like 20 boxes of clothing (for two women, I might add) I was just piling shit on the floor. You know how many clothes we have? Yeah, put that shit up yourselves lol. 8. Don't Touch This Button! - Usually I give puzzle games a try before looking up a guide, and that was no different here. This game hooked me with its "do the opposite" puzzle hints and in general I had a lot of fun with this. Nothing more to say other than "You should not buy this game" and "You should not give it a shot yourself." 7. When the Past Was Around - Another pleasant surprise was this cute point n click made by Mojiken Studio. Once I realized what was happening in the story, it was hard keeping myself composed. I did end up shedding a tear over the story, beautiful artwork, and simple music. However, some of the puzzles made zero sense and I probably would have been frustrated if I wasn't following a guide. Also it was a bit hard taking it seriously when your SO was an owl... I know its an analogy or whatever so I'll allow it. 6. DEEEER Simulator - Okay so after Goat Sim sucking ass, I knew what to expect going into this game and reigned in my expectations. What I actually got was a "so stupid its good" experience that made me laugh the entire fucking time. I seriously think I was belly laughing at one point from the sheer ridiculousness of this game. I busted out laughing when I spent 10 minutes making my character only for it to die in the first 5 seconds of the game. It was clear this wasn't meant to be taken seriously, and it was free on Gamepass, so it cost nothing to experience. And what an experience it was lmao. 5. Ballotron - This was a quick puzzle game that I enjoyed quite a bit. It was only 10 levels, but each one was fun and the levels blew by. I got to do it again on Windows 10 and had just as much fun. Kinda reminded me of billiards but with obstacles and only three attempts(?) per level to hit the ball. Unlike Happi Bashitdai, I'll happily accept as many TUs as the game wants. 4. A Memoir Blue - The 3rd of 5 games from Gamepass to make my top 10: Memoir Blue was a walking sim / movie kind of experience about a girl's life growing up with a single mom. The beautiful soundtrack and artwork made it a pleasant experience from start to finish, and the ending made me tear up something fierce. If you haven't played it yet, highly recommend taking an hour to do so. 3. Archaica: The Path of Light - The first thing I noticed was that this was basically a 2D version of The Talos Principle, so it instantly got gratification from me. The collectibles were so easy, I didn't even need a guide, and the puzzles were incredibly fun to solve. I did do the first few worlds myself with a few of the in-game hints. But since this was GSL, I used a guide for a lot of the harder puzzles for time's sake. Regardless, I could see myself really enjoying this game outside of GSL and the similarity to Talos Principle made me smile. 2. The Artful Escape - When a game makes me grin ear-to-ear 10 minutes in, I know I'm strapping in for a great time. The Artful Escape was a cute platformer/walking sim/music game with a ridiculous story about escaping your famous uncle(?)'s shadow. I wasn't expecting much but by the end of it, I couldn't put it down. I absolutely cranked up the final boss fight music and jammed out. Plus my band's name was The Ethereal PantsGrab, what could be cooler? This was initially my favorite game of GSL but it was slightly boring near the middle of the game, so I ended up giving it to...drumroll... 1. Life is Strange: True Colors - I saw the trailer for this a few years(?) ago, but it honestly didn't grab me. I thought Alex looked and sounded like a dork, so I wasn't interested. Only when it came to Gamepass did I show interest, because seriously this is what, a $40 game normally? Sheesh. Anyway, I played this as my 278th and final game of GSL and man, it was good. It only took me a few minutes to take a liking to Alex and her power, and the characters in the story were very likable (except the mining executive, fuck that bitch). The ending was superb, although it was predictable. I thought it was funny that I was the only person on my friends list to choose Ryan as my love interest instead of Steph. Must have been 11 out of 11 dudes playing this game Anyways, I gave it a 9/10 but I think that's just because I was so done with GSL and whatnot. I don't think it holds a candle to the original LiS but hey, I loved it and would be happy to see a sequel with Alex and Co. So yeah, that covers GSL '22. Until next year!
  8. Thanks, glad you like them. I did them all with what very little skills I have, lol. They look a lot better in 64 x 64 format! But we'll have to settle with the 32x32 versions.
  9. Both are referring to being able to spend $1500 on games in a month so I guess both? Lol idk I'm not a Twitter expert either. Couldn't figure out how to reply to them and still don't even know if I did that right But hey, Gaming is my only hobby. I'm only ashamed because I spent it all on literal crap games. Wouldn't be as ashamed if I spent $1500 on AAA games I wanted to play, or upgrading my gaming setup (which I did the month prior, ugh I really am going to be eating beans and toast for a year). All my other necessities are budgeted and covered so I'm good!
  10. Beans and toast for me the rest of the year For anyone else: Got my gender wrong, I guess only men play video games Oh well, I'll just pretend to be one of the boys.
  11. Really hate that you can't freakin edit posts with quotes But no, there isn't a hall of fame club. Its just a "these people scored 100k in a single event so that's cool" and now we have people who've done 200k and even 300k in a single event. I'd like to think there will be a ton of required effort to get to 400k or even 300k again but geez, who knows nowadays.
  12. I feel like both these are my fault so sorry (not sorry). Zero Strain was my favorite game of GSL '21, but holy shit its actually not all that great. I went back to play all the levels for fun and it was terrible. Not sure if I ever shared that piece of information; maybe in a blog. Goes to show a "good GSL" game is still bottom barrel trash lol. Beat Souls I posted about "finally a good game" because it looked like a rhythm game from the pictures and was listed as "Music" but it just wasn't that great. Plus it didn't even seem like you could fail. Ended up putting the music on mute by the end of it, but we all should have known it was trash from the publisher. You're right! I updated the GSL hall of fame and added a sentence to the recap. I completely forgot that my first game, Aery - Whatever the fuck, had me raging already. It was the one with the impossible to see cloud level. I actually took a nap the entire first day of GSL and almost gave up already once I saw the amount of effort I'd need to add to Stylin to win. I decided to just break my record for most gamerscore in one day but had no clue I would get to 100k in a single day. Seriously did not expect the amount of gamerscore that was possible and severely did not prepare for GSL '22 until two weeks in. I'm going to do my own write up with top 10 and bottom 10. I'll probably keep the write-up shorter than normal (so 8000 words instead of 10000 words ) I'll probably do it today since I really don't feel like playing anything lol. Going to be in the video game ICU recovery for who knows how long until I start one of my all time favs for 1 million gamerscore.
  13. GSL '22 Recap XBA's long running Gamerscore League puts another one in the books as GSL '22 comes to a close. When we all hung up the helmets last April, Necrophage and Watty had finished decimating the competition and shattering all records. If you thought those were massive scores, wait until you see what the community put up this year. Once again I am grateful to everyone who came out and participated, casually or hardcore. We had seven more teams than last year, including five first time participants. And yes, one of them set some records that will be hard to break. 1st place in GSL '22 goes to the Bayonetta duo Let's Dance. Looking for another podium finish and redemption for GSL '21, Puppys tapped Sim expert ImStylinOnYaBro to give the whole GSL thing a whirl. Stylin put up over 100,000 gamerscore on day 1, and then Puppys followed it up with over 100,000 gamerscore on day 2. This gave Let's Dance the lead early, which they were able to maintain throughout the entire event from day 2 onwards. ImStylinOnYaBro takes home the overall MVP award with a record shattering 390,310 gamerscore earned. Puppys did not sleep either, putting up 342k for a astonishing team score of 732.315. It was not an easy victory, however. The fiercest competition was the intimidating And Shepherds We Shall Be team comprised of Necrophage33 and Hoebagger. If you don't know, this team is made up of two of the most winningest tournament members of XBA. Let's Dance may have put up 200k in the first two days of the event, but that didn't matter as Necro + Hoebagger sliced into that lead day by day. Before we knew it, the lead was 75k. Then 50k. Then 30k. Then as low as 2k on April 15th. Sadly, both members got sick at one point during the tournament and the hardcore scoring had to die off. Regardless, Hoebagger got sweet revenge for GSL 2020 and Necro scored an equally insane 350k after winning a year prior for an impressive team score of 617,690. For about the 4th year in a row, 3rd place was an exciting battle that changed places several times near the end of the event. DOOKH8R and GSL legend Jimbot ended up sneaking by on April 29th and holding on through the final day to secure bronze for team Shake it Off. The fact that Jimbot can even put up 100k with over 1.5 million gamerscore on his card is already mind boggling, and DOOK certainly proved he can be a factor with over 200k. In the end, 344,923 was the score needed to secure the last podium spot. That is almost more than the previous GSL record itself! Fish and Chips settled into 4th place, with long time GSL player DEG23 and first-timer Sm0keytrip0d. DEG23 sacrificed scoring for scoring if you know what I mean, and Smokey had to resist the urge to go back to Destiny 2 for a few weeks to play trash games. Despite coming in 4th, I am impressed to see such a strong showing from both players. It sounds like Smokey is already preparing for GSL '23 so watch out ladies and gentlemen. Their final score was 329.285. The Odd Couple comes in 5th place with 193,465. Blakgravy had to resist playing Xtilion all year for this, and Sasquach11235 put up a much larger score than originally expected. These two are always hovering around the top 5 every GSL and I would look for them to be in competitive form next year, especially if Xtilion keeps releasing title updates... Chasing Achievements is your 6th place team with 130,745. Most of that score was put in by first-timer Revczar, who put up over 100k in his GSL debut. Jardinho also tried to bait Dirty130 into scoring more, but it did not work. He's a cool dude tho, we've been on a GSL team together before. Great to see you guys perform well and look forward to your return. In 7th place we have Perry's Minions with 128,310. Infection Ftw took the time to complete all outstanding Artifax Mundi games this GSL, which could be considered even worse of a punishment than death. Ftw also put up 100k, rounding out the 11 individuals who did so in GSL '22. This team also had the oldest participant in a GSL, with BlaZiN cdn dating all the way back to GSL 6. Now that is cool! The Silver Arrows came home in 8th place with a team of two podium finishers from GSL '21. It also appears there was a VERY last minute battle for the Team MVP, as Watty8883 surpassed GwynsCandle around midnight and by just 150 gamerscore. You love to see it. Their combined effort resulted in a score of 95,099. In 9th place we may have the coolest signature of GSL '22 with team The Dirty Duo. It was great to see Skorpion XBA return for another round of GSL with Dirty130. Dirty even dipped into the great Xtilion crap pile to put up 17k with the least amount of effort ever. Their final score is 51,080. Rounding out the top 10 is a brand new team Pulp Fiction. Quite possibly one of the most iconic duos of all time, this team was very quiet compared to their team name counterparts. We were happy to have you guys, hope you had fun! Congrats on the top 10 to both ViNyLeK and Sladexxx. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you haven't seen it, check out the Gamerscore League Hall of Fame located [here]. I have already updated it with GSL '22 scores, and boy do we have a lot of changes from the massive scores put up this year. Our lifetime gamerscore earned has a new queen at the top, at least for one year that is. Here are the notable changes in the top 50. The top 100 and active members can be found in the HoF thread. And yes, Stylin's debut puts him 7th all time out of 284 participants. Good grief! 1. Puppys (+2) 3. Necrophage33 (+2) 5. Sasquach11235 (+1) 7. ImStylinOnYaBro (NEW) 8. Hoebagger (+18) 9. DEG23 (+35) 11. DOOKH8R (+67) 22. bLaKgRaVy (+9) 27. GwynsCandle (+9) 34. Sm0keytrip0d (NEW) 38. Revzcar (NEW) 50. Skorpion XBA (+29) With the crazy scores put up this year, I changed the "40,000+ Gamerscore in one GSL" to "50,000." Still, we have quite the list of amazing scores. Last year's MVP score isn't even a top 5 score anymore. We went from having 8 people having a score of 100k+ to 16 members of the 100k club. Not to mention 3 members of the new "300k club" and 3 more members adding their name to the "200k club." This was unheard of even one year ago! Anyways, here's the new top 5 and notable entries from GSL '22: 1. ImStylinOnYaBro: 390,310 2. Necrophage33: 350,205 3. Puppys: 342,005 4. Hoebagger: 267,485 5. DOOKH8R: 221,100 7. DEG23: 211,005 11. Jimbot: 123,823 16. Sm0keytrip0d: 118,280 17. Sasquach11235: 116,360 20. Revczar: 107,200 23. Infection Ftw: 100,095 The average gamerscore leaderboard has also shifted the goated RedmptionDenied out of first. Here are some new record holders: 1. Puppys: 137,510 average across 5 GSL entries 2. Necrophage33: 133,842 average across 5 GSL entries 3. Hoebagger: 97,035 average across 4 GSL entries 6. GwynsCandle: 75,573 average in 2 GSL entries (now on list) 8. Infection Ftw: 68,115 average across 2 GSL entries (now on list) The 1000+ achievements leaderboard saw 10 new entries in GSL '22, including a brand new top 3. Oh yeah, we earned 34,251 achievements in this event. That's a lot of digital bling. 1. ImStylinOnYaBro: 4,857 2. Puppys: 4,651 3. Necrophage33: 4,570 7. Hoebagger: 2,872 8. DOOKH8R: 2,866 16. DEG23: 2,268 For the win leaderboard, Puppys becomes just the 15th repeat winner of GSL and ImStylinOnYaBro adds his name as the 72nd winner of a GSL event. On our podium leaderboard, Jimbot continues to rake in the medals with a 5th podium, good for fourth all time. Necrophage33 and Puppys both add a podium to move into 10th and 12th, respectively. And lastly, DOOKH8R adds his name to the multiple podium winners. Perhaps the hardest leaderboard to maintain a spot on, we see a few members fall off the average finish leaderboard. Our only active members remaining are Jimbot with an insane 2.50 average finish, Necrophage33 with a 4.20 blaze it average finish, and Puppys finally sneaking into the leaderboard with a 4.40. And last but not least, our Team MVP award leaderboard. Sasquach11235 has tied Redmption for first on the board, needing just one more to take the spot permanently. Rapture639 takes over 4th, DOOKH8R moves into the top 10, and many others grab a 3rd team mvp award. Be sure to check the leaderboard if you nabbed one. That just about covers everything, as the sun is already up and I absolutely cannot wait to get back to normalcy. I hope everyone had at least a little fun; be sure to share your experiences and feedback here!
  14. Right, sorry. bLaKgRaVy congrats on your copy of Elden Ring! I'll carry you through it. StolenPaper18 congrats on your...second copy of Elden Ring?
  15. The random prize entry winners are @bLaKgRaVy& @StolenPaper18 Congrats! You have won a digital copy of the game of your choice. Will PM shortly for details.
  16. Here are the final scores for GSL 2022: Huge shoutout to the record breaking scores put up in the GSL, as well as the team turnout. Five individuals have surpassed the record amount scored in one GSL, and two teams nearly doubled the team record. Congrats to Let's Dance, And Shepherds We Shall Be, and Shake it Off for their podium placements!
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