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  1. So I just unlocked Ling Tong but the achievement didnt pop up. Anyone else have this problem or know a fix?
  2. Ok M4 is gone for good it seems. Fuck this. Im doing this on pro so getting that m4 already took me like 2 hours.
  3. Is there a way to just check the shed without finishing a level?
  4. I have a weapon disapear after almost every mission. So bs. If my m4 is gone for ever im done.
  5. same thing for Australian EB games. I even rang up and the girl gave me a 12 digit code... I was thinking to my self that aren't all codes 25 digit. alas the code didn't work. I want my genki's
  6. So doing the quest and I get to the room with the Pillars and the trapped lever and what happens? The pillars glitch and can't be activated no matter what I try. just a heads up save your game out the front of the place so you can reload if it bugs
  7. Glitched pillars in Bleak Falls Barrow making me want to pull my hair out. no matter what I do they will not activate.
  8. Just downloaded this game since its 400msp but each time ive played for more then an hour I feel really sick and get a headache. Its funny because I used to play this heaps on the n64 and had no problems. Maybe its all the funny pixels fucking with my eyes >.<
  9. I strongly recommend this game. One of the funnest 1000 for me.
  10. Not just you, generally good at racing games but yet on this game im stumped. I just dont get it though, my ATV is the best it can be and I still just cant keep up. Broken game is broken >.<
  11. Thread is old but yeah. I agree, the controls just feel clunky to me. Not as free flowing as round 3 was. Training mini games are bleh aswell
  12. This thread is old, but yeah my achievements were not popping when playing co op aswell
  13. Ill start the 2nd team, Also boosting all online aswell. << Add my tag over there, not my x360a one. vVI SLAYER IVv Team one; 1. PH1LPHY R1CH 2. JoshCah 3. Deh Vocal 4. BzR x C H R I S 5. Ryaden 6. Mnemic85 7. RyaNeil 8. eXtremeWiso 9. Vaporub 0310 10. Team two; 1. vVI SLAYER IVv 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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