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  1. Does anyone know if you can get small traps in this game? I’ve seen them on advertising boards and I’m sick of hunting for a 3* squirrel pelt and only finding 2* ones. Cheers in advance!
  2. Let it be me please, I'm poor and ill 🤒❌💷 GT: Dontgoeasyonme
  3. Cheers for the compliment buddy ! :D

  4. Would you be a legend and do that for me? Not that you could go any higher in my ratings lol
  5. My last kill, Idk how to hyperlink! Someone share it please
  6. I'm sorry, I listen to the #JRE and weak bitches is a turn of phrase (when said among others understanding) it means nothing. Dude, I don't like confrontation, I don't like stupid shit but I also don't like people chatting shit. People getting the challenge, people not getting it I created this thread to help others. Maybe if some of these guys who live Internet drama (click bait) actually put the effort into meeting the requirements (that would require spending prolonged time in this thread) So to summarise I used a word that I took for granted as being non offensive and hunter you're a fucking no life, argumentative cunt
  7. As the OP I feel obliged to see what's being said you angry troll
  8. Difference is I persevered and completed it legit, how about u bro?
  9. It's hard for some people! I found it tough to begin with (3 kills in 2 days) but I got 23 kills in one day after practice.
  10. This is my point!!! A gamer spends $60 on a game knowing it will be tough and is excited by the challenge. Weak bitches cry and ruin a game that could have taken 6 months after 2 weeks making it redundant and going in the bin •_•
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