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  1. Hi All, Just had the problem that I unlocked Adventuring Time only for it to not add to my gamerscore or show up on xbox.com so I deleted my profile and did the exact same thing I did before to earn the achievement. About 4 hours in I'm still not unlocking it and I'm sure I've done it right, is there a cache I have to clear or is this going to be unobtainable for me now? Any help would be great as it's my last achievement. Thanks, JoK3r.
  2. If I purchase the game digitally on the 360 before the end of promotion date, will I need to download it on the xb1 before then or is it that I just have to buy the 360 version and can then download the xb1 version at any time?
  3. I know the minimum is 2 people needed, but I'm finding it hard to find a session. I was wondering if it was possible for one player to do all the work, whilst player 2 just has to stay alive. This would mean I could get my younger sister just to leg it away from the action and I could do it all myself on split-screen. If anyone knows the answer to this that'd be great. Thanks, JoK3r.
  4. I'm only averaging around 400-500 a round with a few at 2/3k. Even using the scrabble solver doesn't help, is there an actual solver out there I can use to help speed this up?
  5. For the last few days I've been attempting to get online, I can't even make it into the multiplayer menu before it says there's an error connecting to the EA servers. Have they been shut down on the EU side as I know plenty of people from the US who are still able to access it. Thanks, JoK3r.
  6. Just bought the season pass and it does include the Rally expansion pack
  7. I'm looking at getting this controller and as you can set up turbo for every button it would come in handy. Excluding the medals you can idle (wins, game modes etc.)I was thinking that the following medals are turbo-able :- Cover Spotter Doorman Is there seriously no other medals that you can idle / semi-idle with this? Thanks, JoK3r.
  8. I was thinking of setting up idle sessions for the 8k miles challenge as the money would really come in handy for getting a medal with every car.
  9. I was able to get the mission to spawn by sitting outside Trevors house and leaving myself rubber banding my right stick, took 10-15 minutes and I was offered the job.
  10. If I'm right in thinking that someone spawns this job for me, we then complete it I should be able to get it again from Ron in the future. If so could someone start this up for me? I've been trying to get it from him but he's a tough nut to crack and won't give me it. Or if anyone has advice on how to get this job that would be great, as I've been trying to get it whilst I work on my platinums as well. Thanks, JoK3r.
  11. It's downloaded but I can't find where to start it. Anyone able to help?
  12. I'm trying to give money to my friend so he can have a decent chunk of cash to spend because I won't be playing online for a while, I was planning on giving him around $100k-200k but have no idea how to give him this. Any help would be great, thanks!
  13. I was wondering what was the most expensive car you can sell to Los Santos and then the most expensive car when fully upgraded to sell to Los Santos is, thanks.
  14. I've been trying for the last hour to get into a game and can't even fill up a lobby of 8 people... I can't be the only one with this problem right?
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