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  1. i remember doing this, i felt so sorry for him
  2. i've been reloading caustic caverns for like an hour now, taking forever for this chubby to spawn, i guess i'm somewhat unlucky
  3. i went into HMV the other day and they weren't even selling the game, like it wasn't sold out or anything they just generally didn't have it in the store. Such a good game though.
  4. Oh right you're actually wanting a good HD one, i was going to start of small and use a cheap crap one, then see if i get a lot of views on youtube (i want to do video walkthroughs etc) and if i get a lot of views then i'm going to pay big money for a good one like that! Though the one you want has a lot of good reviews so i'd go for it!
  5. Pathetic as. I'm sure one country were saying that about a Chinese diver and some usa team. Just can't handle that we're clearly better at that event.
  6. same, i need help finding one as i was going to buy a cheap one on play.com but then it turned out the game footage would be in black and white. urgh.
  7. i like the idea of having a location on a farm. Still don't think i'll pay full price for this game.
  8. what they even complaining about? i must have missed this out like! aha
  9. watching the closing ceremony right now, loving it! i'm so proud of team GB!
  10. Halo 4 is, hands down. other titles that are, are the likes of Dishonored, Borderlands 2, Assassin's creed 3, Far Cry 3
  11. I'm starting college on the 3rd so right now i'm taking advantage of every moment i can get out with my friends, but i do play some nights.
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