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  1. Unless you have the golden pistols they seem to 1 shot everything ive hit them with up to now
  2. You need to progress the story a little.
  3. I thought you needed 60 cards for a legal deck distractor08? Just checking in case I missed something as I haven't played magic irl for a couple of years
  4. Wow... every comment is refering to The Queen "Boss" when he was asking about The powerloader fight with the Raven.... Faceplam
  5. You no longer get abduction missions when you have full coverage. So restarting and leaving one continent sat free should help you.
  6. You are missing 1 thing for Edison "Interrogate Ethereal" You have correctly put that there are 53 research projects but only list 52 of them. Great guide keep up the good work.
  7. I'll be updating this list with any DLC weapons that can be found in game as and when they are avaible but probably not any preorder items.
  8. The Black Demise Scythes also prevent using wrath potions so if you have these equipt then that may be the cause.
  9. Anyone who wishes can use this list in their Guides as long as credit is given or links to it are used. Ya know just sayin...
  10. The thing you are refering to is Interdiction and it is in the "Gear" slots which you correctly say overwrites with Soul splitter. Its not the Makers Key; that goes into your inventory. What you have mistaken for the Key is the Lure stone as Aprosa pointed out. So stll no closer to an answer unfortunatly...
  11. All stats on gear stack. If you wish to know all your stats press on the Inventory screen. Once for equiped weapon stats, twice for percentages. Hope this answers your question.
  12. I realised that id posted this location wrong after I went to bed... sorry for the mix up.
  13. Ive done every side quest bar the crucible. And i got no new abilitys..
  14. I was wondering the same thing... Just started my NG+ and the only conclusion I can think of is DLC?
  15. Heres a list of Weapons, Armour and Talismans that can always be found at set points in the game. They also have unique abilitys and (usually) a unique look. Note that some of these can only be found in NG+. I'll post the name and location only. Enjoy! Scythes Chaos Fangs. Given to you via Muria for completing Darksiders. Bheithir's Talons. Given to you after you kill Bheithir. Goldbringer. Found in the Ivory Citadel. Demonflame Renders. Found at the top of a circular shaft in Blackstone. GnoMAD Scythes. Sent to you via Serpent Tome after you find all 4 Gnomes. Black Demise. Found in the secret area of Arbiters maze 5th level. Guillotine. Given to you by Blackroot after you complete "Sticks and Stones". Lifebane. Given to you after you kill the Frost Giant. NG+ Barbed Defilers. Complete waves 51-75 of The Crucible. Secondaries Dark Avenger. Given to you after you kill Gharn in the Cauldron. Omega Blades. Found in the Shattered Forge behind Corruption Crystals. Masher of Karkinos. Given to you after you kill Karkinos. Gorewood Maul. Given to you after you kill Gorewood. Lich Spines. Found in the City of the Dead. Achidna's Fangs. Given to you after you kill Achidna. Fists of Elhazar. Found on a ledge on Earth. Scepter of the Deposed King. Given to you after you kill Argul. Spear of Storms. Found in the 4th Death Tomb. Executioner's Hooks. Given to you after you kill The Soul Arbiter. Sunder. Given to you by Uriel after you complete “Light Of The Fallen”. Absolution. Sent to you by Vulgrim via Serpent Tome when you start a NG+. Mace of the Everflame. Given to you after you defeat Samael. NG+ Aftermath. Beat all The Crucible Waves 1-100 in one run. NG+ Armour Pauldron of the Horsemen. Given to you via Muria for playing Darksiders. Abyssal Armor. Destroy all pots in Death Tomb 4 to reveal the chest containing this. Abyssal Gauntlets. Reward for completing "Lost Relics". Abyssal Boots. Complete waves 26-50 of The Crucible. Abyssal Spaulders. Complete waves 76-100 of The Crucible. NG+ Talismans Grim Talisman. Reward for completing the "Shaman’s Craft". Blade Master Talisman. Found in Death Tomb 1. Heartstone Talisman. Complete waves 1-25 of The Crucible. Demonheart Talisman. Found in Death Tomb 2. Keen Talisman. Found in Boneriven in an alcove. Hoard-Seeker Talisman. Found in Death Tomb 3. The Crown of the Dead. Given to you after you kill The Soul Arbiter. Assassin Talisman. Complete waves 76-100 of The Crucible. NG+ Elemental Talisman. Defeat the final challenge at wave 101 in The Crucible. NG+
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