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  1. I did just buy the RE package during the sale...maybe I should get going lol
  2. That would be ace. I remember doing one a couple years back and had a good time with everyone! I'll definitely be following this though. Going to try and pop my head in here a bit more often. Also planning on re-subbing for the first time in like 2 years. Geez it's really been that long huh. Damn.
  3. Man I haven't been on these forums in ages. Really wish I saw this a while ago, I have some backlog to get through and loved me some good competitions back in the day
  4. Sweet I might let you know about that.
  5. You would have gotten more ad revenue anyways due to new people signing up on the console and using the website more too, no? Or do you mean that MS now effectively owns TA's content? In which case, I don't blame you.
  6. I want to apologize to Ten Foot Bunny for not doing much the last round we were in together . I probably won't do any more tournies since I work all the time and these weekday timed tournies aren't good with my schedule. Other than that, I had fun, didn't really have any issues with the tournament, I had fun while I was in it, and talked to some new people. edit: Bunny, you didn't let me down don't worry!!! I appreciate you caring so much about me though, it really means a lot. But really, I don't mind, I've never been super competitive in these competitions so if I don't make it far, I don't make it far. And I actually blame myself for the poor performance that round, not you, so no worries
  7. I don't care either way really, so welcome back Dirty, and good luck!
  8. Did team C make it? I thought for sure we wouldn't when I posted a measly 18... Well if we did go out, I guess I have some apologizing to do to my team. Work kicked my ass third week, worked 2 hours OT every day so not much time for gaming. And I've loved every Gears story, but man is Judgment just kinda boring compared to them.
  9. Round 2 - Team C Gamertag: Judge Bergan Genre - Shooter Halo 4 - 8 achievements (https://live.xbox.com/en-us/Activity/Details?titleId=1297287449&compareto=Judge%20Bergan) Gears of War Judgment - 10 achievements (https://live.xbox.com/en-us/Activity/Details?titleId=1297287718&compareto=Judge%20Bergan) Shooter Total - 18
  10. Yep, I'll PM you my details

  11. PM'ed my choice to BARAD . If that is taken, then idk what I'll do
  12. Coll stuff! So it's achievement not Gamerscore if I'm reading it correctly?
  13. Yep no 360 for me, just a really tiny bit on Win8 and a decent amount on X1
  14. So team A, only 50G of mine is from Win8, hope you guys got my back on that part
  15. Crap controls, boring game, frustrating as hell due to bad controls and mechanics, not worth $8 imo. Unless 1K Gamerscore in 45 minutes is worth $8 to you, then ya, go for it .
  16. I lurk . Just got 1K from Another World in the grand total of like 45 minutes...I ain't even mad!
  17. I just came in here to complain that I didn't get any polls during the match. I just deleted and reinstalled the app, lets see if that works for me too. edit: and of course I waited until after the game ended to try this...lol. welp.
  18. Woops, sorry about that! I'll do it right next time. Appreciate the extra help!

  19. :D. Missed this place!
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