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  1. Looking for some people to do No Brainer tonight before tomorrow's update. You've got to have T4 Exterminate keys and good weapons. I'll be on all day. GT: NutriWhip
  2. If someone could play my world that'd be great! I only need 39 more plays in 13 hours for the Rising Star achievement. World: BB131 Achievement
  3. If someone could play my world that'd be great! I only need 39 more plays in 13 hours for Rising Star. World: BB131 Achievement
  4. After 3 weeks, I finally fixed my sign in issue. I found a post online about how the DNS Client service being disabled was the reason for the sign in issues. I had disabled the service so I could use a HOSTS file for blocking. Re-enabling the service allowed me to sign into all the apps and games that I couldn't before. It's odd that that was the issue as I had disabled the service immediately upon installing 8 a couple years ago with no issue signing in with any games. I've always disabled the service on every edition of Windows I've used (XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1).
  5. I'm on 8.1 and I haven't been able to sign in on any games or the game app itself since the beginning of this month. I reinstalled 8 (not 8.1) on another partition and I'm able to sign in. I'm sure that upgrading to 8.1 on that partition will allow me to sign in but I'd prefer not to have to boot into that every time I want to play Win8 games. I've tried every fix available that I could find online but nothing has worked.
  6. Since there isn't a boosting thread yet, I thought I'd make this thread for people looking for some info and to boost the kills for this. I've already made significant progress towards unlocking the double-barrel shotgun. I'm looking for someone else who already has the MAC-10 unlocked or is close to unlocking it. With all that said, at the time of this post I have 40/200 shotgun kills, 1 tier 4 rep unlocked (really hard playing legit), 10 resupply coins and no shield coins but they should be really easy to get boosting. Like I mentioned at the start of the post, I'm looking for someone else with some good progress made towards the MAC-10 but I'll need at least 3 other people anyway to start a server. I'll be on all night tonight and all day tomorrow. GT: NutriWhip
  7. Yeah, I forgot all about that. I had bought the packs in the original game so they always showed up. Still really annoying. They should have had some packs to buy for the DLC.
  8. Anybody else having issues with collectables not appearing on the map? I've collected all of them but am still missing 1-2 in each location.
  9. I got a code earlier today. I happened to still be awake when he first started tweeting for the day so I messaged him. He sent me a code like 4 hours later.
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