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  1. I just want to say I think this deserves a difficulty rating a bit higher than a 1 if you're not boosting. I've been playing against easy bots and it's taken me several tries to win each map.
  2. Just beating it. The weapons energy runs out and stays out too easily.
  3. Is it just me or is this game really hard? I'm stuck on level 8 where you have to make the food carts. But the weapons in this game are terrible and run out of energy too fast. Any tips?
  4. I went ahead and bought the game again. It's a relatively easy (if somewhat lengthy) completion. I also enjoyed the game for what it was.
  5. It's the last achievement I need and I'm stuck getting at Marcus right before you use the two keys simultaneously for the door. I've busted my ass using multiple saves going back until I have freaking 12 magnum rounds, 6 acid round, 7 shotgun rounds, and various handgun ammo and STILL can't drop him. I have no health items. Don't know what else to do.
  6. I noticed that in some games like Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends you can earn achievements in the trial without purchasing the game. There are also a lot of "free" games that have achievements too. Is there a comprehensive list of these games somewhere online or on this site?
  7. >Having real life friends http://i.imgur.com/PgYRSuz.gif
  8. Looking to do both co-op achievements. GT: Punished Lowtek
  9. Where is the stun staff? How do you get it? Where do you get it?
  10. Looking to go through the campaign on Heroic as well as boost the Ricochet achievements (particularly Hat Trick) though you will have to explain to me how to bring up the Ricochet match type since there seems to be no playlist. Gamertag: lowtek rises
  11. So I accidentally got the achievement where you get 4 consecutive kills with the rocket launcher and it messed up my gamerscore with its ending in 2g. Now I need to get this Hat Trick achievement, but I need to know, do you need the Champions DLC? I believe I've played Ricochet in Team Action Sack before and I don't have the DLC. Or is it possible to get the DLC and get the achievement in a custom game? I need help!
  12. I use original - type B because that's how gangsters play.
  13. And where should I go to find a good checklist of what is missing?
  14. We should try and come up with a time that works for everyone. Maybe like an evening time EST. The only skill kill I need is "relentless" (kill 4 people in a row).
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