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    reading, video games, collecting porn, smoking,calling random numbers when i'm bored
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  1. Looking for 5 motivated people to do the raid. I am on almost all day and preferably a few veterans of the raid to ease the pain. Got to the phase right the boss 2 times but teammates always lost hope after awhile and quit. I am waiting... GT:KingConstrictor(X1)
  2. Hey i am online right now on xbox ONE looking for a few more people to play these weekly strikes for coins and stuff. Send me a msg if u are interested. I am a level 26 warlock please try to be around the same. Thanks Gamertag: KingConstrictor
  3. I finally have this achievement after backtracking maybe for like 10 items or so..and the last one i found was in cooke and mack's house the pot that is hidden off to the side somwhere. It seems like most people miss the same items..The ones that i can think of off hand that i had to go back for is Power Drink-Burning Cave Mana Herb-Grand Staff Construction Base-Exterior Tosca Village-Exterior-Pot-500G City Of Gohtza-Abandoned Apartment-10th Floor-Grounda Bomb Back Alley-Uhra-Near Castle-Smelling Salts-Metal Pillar There was a few more that i picked up in the auction house also. Just wanted to tell people don't give up and follow Achiever(TT guide on here) and Split's Video Guide to a T even if you think you got everything in a certain area. Good luck everyone!
  4. bad news my friend...maybe if i am wrong someone can correct me but i believe that if you did not get the gun before the whole exploding part then you are screwed. That gun is probably the only missable thing on this game. sorry
  5. Just unlocked Dark Agent..looking for a co-op partner who needs all them to play with..you don't have to be the greatest..because i sure ain't. plz have a mic GT:KingConstrictor
  6. Doesn't work? hehe...It's not stupid if you actually know when to use the snub to get quality looks on the enemies for the headshot. You be surprised how many people completely forget about the one shot pistol and try to straight rush and fail hard. Even tho it depends on the board...what i do is set up at a nice spot that is in range of the enemies spawn in the beginning wait for the stupid ones to nonchalantly walk around and bam. Maybe you are a victim of the snub? I think it was be lame if the only weapon was just gnashers..don't get me wrong i am a big fan of the gnash battles but the snub adds another level to the whole thing imo.
  7. Horde is incredible with friends but for some reason i love playing with randoms. I might be in the minority but i am loving classic horde..faster pace, keeps you on your toes, waves go by fast but it gets crazy in the later waves when you start realizing that you have no fortifications to help you when the computer gets that unreal accuracy and power..plus you have to rely on your team and skill a lot at the end also. I wish that this could be an option along with the standard horde one day.
  8. i think this is only for the weekend but we will see monday... I think the diffuculty is raised a little by having more heroes and onyx guards at earlier waves and the such. New Changes Tier 1-Savage Grenadier with a Cleaver and a Gorgon Pistol(which is very useful)but a Cleaver tho..sucky ass weapon.(Why not make this character the Savage Theron since they are the ones with the cleavers on the campaign and in horde) Tier 2-Savage Grenadier with a Sawed-off and a smoke grenade. Pretty much useless just like people who use this travesty of a weapon. Tier 3-Everything is normal Tier 4-Savage Grenadier has a Torque Bow..which is cool but the bow only downs enemies by the time you unlock this tier so its a waste imo unless you enjoy seeing people steal your kills cause you downed onyx guards.. I guess for a weekend thing its a nice thing but i was hoping to see different characters with these weapons instead of all savage grenadiers.
  9. Need 3 more people for beast mode before 10pm est. we are also getting some ribbons as well. lets make this happen captain
  10. I am staring a session over at TA at 10PM eastern time today for the beast achievements for fenix rising. I do not know how many people will show up so if anyone is interested send me a message around 9:45 to see how slots i have left to fill. thx GT:KingConstrictor
  11. You can kill bosses with any weapon(lethal or non-lethal)without it affecting any achivements.
  12. i do not know but If i was you OP i would reload a save b4 that point JUST TO BE SURE. If you can kill him without the turret then do so rather than GAMBLE with foxiest.
  13. As much as you think you DID NOT kill someone you DID somewhere. The achievement is not glitched. I used the tranq gun the whole game and the laser rifle at the end therefore i never had to worry about killing the enemy except bosses. There's your answer to foxiest then right? Its unfortunate pal that this happens to people but i refuse to believe its a glitch. A very useful aug is the radar to see through walls it shows everything combined with cloak you can run thru this game quickly and it will reduce the chances of missing these achievements since you are not killing much and you are invisible so the cameras and turrent cannot see with cloak.
  14. A guide is there to guide you toward completing the achievement. If something or someone affects that specific achievement i am pretty sure any guide will tell you that so...if they dont then it does not affect anything. Thats good to know. You do realise that these guide was made when this game came out and probably haven't been updated so it's a lot that people find out later but the save-and-reload method is a guaranteed way of getting all achievements. When i first saw the achievement list and came here people made it seem like this game was hard but once you get the feel for things(how guards react, etc) it becomes a joke. I cannot be bothered to buy the DLC so i will stand at 1000 and thats fine by me.
  15. i know am i late to the party with this topic but for anyone wondering if the gamer pics and theme is still available as i bought both of them for about 140 ms points that i had left over. well worth the points imo. i am only speaking from a US perspective.
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