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  1. Need help with co-op achievements. GT is NFaMuS one, any time, please include message. Thanks.
  2. Anyone still boosting? GT is NFaMuS one. Feel free to hit me up.
  3. In need of the online achievements. Gamertag is NFaMuS one, and I'm available any time. Thanks.
  4. Anyone else still after the showdown achievement? I need it too! GT is NFaMuS one. Available any time. Please include message.
  5. Looking for help with all of the online achievements. I'm on eastern time and am free whenever. GT is NFaMuS one. Please include message. Thanks.
  6. Looking for help with all online achievements. GT is NFaMuS one, on most evenings, eastern time.
  7. Unsure how active the online still is for this game but I'm up for boosting the online achievements, especially the ranked ones. GT is NFaMuS one and I'm on most evenings, eastern time.
  8. I'm down to help out with some online things. Add me, my GT is NFaMuS one. Also, need the in a crew achievement.
  9. Add me. I'm on eastern time. GT is NFaMuS one. Looking to do all the online achievements.
  10. I'm in need of all of the Arcade achievements. My GT is NFaMuS one and I'm on EST, so if you need one or can help me, hit me up. Thanks.
  11. That is true. Realms does cost extra, but as you said, only for the host. So, if you find someone with Realms, it'll make this list easier to obtain, providing the people who play on the server are active. Also, I think its 10 people at any given time and not 10 specific people. The in-app purchases on iOS lists $7.99 for Realms, but it also says it includes a 30 day trial. I may have a go with it, but I'm currently on the fence, as I've gotten the achievements and trophies in Minecraft time and time again. Also, feel free to add me and we can give some of them a shot, that is of course if we can connect.
  12. I have played for a few hours and from what I can tell, you can't import worlds. I've set up and gotten a few of the basic achievements, but the other will take a bit of work just like they did originally, unless of course you know someone using the Realms servers. Realms will make everything immensely easier. Also, it's worth noting that I have tried several times but have been unable to connect with anyone playing on Xbox one while I was playing on my iPhone. I was however able to connect locally to a multiplayer game between my iPhone and iPad to get the throwing diamonds achievement.
  13. I believe the interventions are when you randomly happen upon other runners being hassled by KrugerSec, and then you beat down KrugerSec and save the day.
  14. I'm down for all co-op achievements. I'm on eastern time and am on most nights. GT: NFaMuS one. thanks!
  15. I'm down for the 5 people group achievement, and whatever else. GT is NFaMuS one. Thanks!
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