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    I'm an avid gamer, enthusiast, visionary. Did I mention I like long walks on the beach?
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    Video Games, Computers, Cooking
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    Graphics / Web Designer

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  1. Yeah, I still play. Level 84 priest, server Galakarond. But we can still real live ID party, if you're alliance.

  2. Haven't been playing as of late. Are you still playing?


    Maybe I'll play with you :p

  3. I bought WoW and started playing recently. :) Probably too late to inform you, do you still play?!

  4. Woot woot! Here are two random pictures just for you x360a. <3
  5. Aw... You wished me a happy easter! <3 It's been awhile, really.

  6. Happy Easter Reb.

  7. I've seen it before and I prefer to play the song on guitar...

  8. Join GraphicsNinja! >: (

  9. You can't out nerd me! ;p I challenge you!

  10. Yeah I know, I'm not worried. Just thought it was funny that I got my (1st place) reward when I should have, but didn't get included in the main post of this thread under season one's winners. One of them which was me.
  11. Looks like we have two things in common!

  12. I'm also probably one of the biggest nerds ever. :p

  13. Minty where is the "For some reason my username isn't green?!" thread. I have a reoccuring subscription, and for some reason I lost my green status.

  14. I just noticed this as well, hmmm. Strange. I like being ignored. Love it. <3
  15. Lmfao, I knew you liked metal. Didn't know you despised Iron Maiden. But still, hard covers ftw.

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