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  1. Has the latest patch upped the Legendary difficulty, or is it just a difficulty spike in the game? I've been playing on Legendary and up until the brothers boss fight i was thinking that this had to be the most easy Legendary of all the Halo games. I breesed through the game UNTIL this boss fight! Took me about 3 hours before i beat this part.
  2. I have the gamma settings at full and STILL there are parts i can barely see (and for some reason the first few running sections were a nightmare to navigate) End yes, i played the game in a darkened room.. Dit not seem to help one bit. Anyway, i finished the game yesterday without any problems. Just wanted to see if it was just me who had the problem. Love the game though!
  3. Anyone else find the games graphics to be unusually dark? Even with the game's own gamma option turned all the way up, i still cant see a thing! This is especially frustrating when trying to escape the monster because even when i use my "sense" i can barely see his siluette. I've never had this problem with any other game.
  4. I would say on par. Having played souls games really helps, they even mapped light attacks on and strong attacks on I've fought 2 bosses now, the first solo and I got him in one try (barely) and the second I had my companion with me which really helped, I think I would have died a couple of times without him... Overall it's challenging and fun, but they are really liberal with health potions and healing items.
  5. The combat is really fluid, all be it not that deep. I think he's more talking about the sense of wonder and urge to explore. Although the game is linear, the levels are set up in a really cool way making exploration fun (and rewarding) I'm about 7 hours in and I'm really loving the game! I too can recommend this game for Souls vets and newcomers alike.
  6. No problems here. And I've played for two stretches of about 3 hours each. Do you often have this problem, or only with these 2 games?
  7. Yep! Just saw the news. I'm glad that they came to their senses...
  8. So, for anyone who doesn't keep up to date with all the patch notes: the last patch changed the TTK, and made the game worse (for me at least) You now take longer to get a kill or get killed yourself. There already has been a lot of backlash from the community because this goes against ALL that was promised AND goes against their own attrition system. Now, DICE did listen but decided that the community is wrong and they want to keep the now (longer) TTK. So please! For anyone who likes the old TTK and plays conquest predominantly: when searching a game, don't use the top search for conquest. All the way at the bottom is a now conquest core option, this one has the old TTK. I hope that by only playing the old settings DICE will get the message... And I kinda already know this is all futile because the majority of people won't know any of this and keep playing " normal" conquest. And for all the other modes there is no way to go back to the old TTK.
  9. After all the backlash they removed it from the game. In my understanding it wasn't part of a story mission, just one of the cosmetics for your MP character...
  10. I worded it a bit wrong, the content itself won't make the achievement harder, it's just the time until I get to use the training ground... Like I said: I can't fly for shit, so I NEED the training ground to practice flying. But by that time the sky will be full of ACE players who will have fully upgraded planes. Dodging those AND trying to get ground vehicle kills will be next to impossible (for me)
  11. The first content patch (plus regular patch) will drop on December 4th. It will bring: 1 new weapon, one new map, vehicle customization (Finally!!) The training grounds and 1 new war story. Plus they will add things like being able to take cover while in gunner position in tanks and they fix the ridiculous flag cap reduction/accelerate speed when winning/losing to make it a bit more fair. This plus a lot of other fixes as well.
  12. I really hope there's a glitch where you'll be able to get "death from above" if you're in the secondary gunner seat, because I can't fly for shit... And because the training ground is now 10 days away, everyone who already is an ACE pilot or is more adapt to flying will still have the advantage in the sky. I foresee a LOT of frustration...
  13. This will not work, i saw a video of a guy trying to get to the area early (multiple times) Even if you evade or kill all bounty hunters after a while you will get one hit killed by invicible shooters...
  14. Wel, one thing i know for sure is to ONLY use the special lures. So NO bait! Helped me catch every legendary fish so far in 1 try...
  15. Two quick questions: how do i switch between the 2 dead eye modes, and i seem to have lost the option to brush and feed my horse?? It was available up until a few minutes ago...
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