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  1. Thanks, I've updated it! Let me know if you get to the magic number. Looks like it'll be another week or two at this rate so I think a few people will probably flip from secondary to primary along the way.

  2. Just a heads-up, I don't know what I was looking at but my Gems of War invite code is actually HEATHENER_RT3M. It doesn't change when in or out of a guild, does it? My apologies. Also wanted to let you know I have over 300,000 gold now, so I may have enough by the time we get the people. Haven't been spending on anything in case it's needed.

  3. Thank you for the input! I unlocked Dark Empress last night and now it's visible (and of course usable) so it must just be one of those things where it should have been viewable but something glitched it yet not enough to stop it from unlocking so I figure the other skins would be the same way. Thank you once again!
  4. So they were still question marks until you actually unlocked the skins, and then they were selectable? I'm just confirming because if there's an issue with the question marks meaning the skins won't unlock, I'd like to let Netherrealm know sooner rather than later in case it's something that I need to do with my gamertag or it needs a patch by them. I'm only asking you because all my searching online has not yielded any similar problems by others; and while people may say that would mean there isn't a problem, I tend to be paranoid about this sort of thing so I need confirmation for my own piece of mind. So thank you!
  5. Just had a question about this: do you still have skins that have question marks? I've completed the story and played a few of the towers, only unlocking a few skins here and there. My concern is shouldn't I be able to SEE all the skins by now? Did some research and Dark Raiden, Dark Empress Kitana, and Dark Emperor LK are still blacked out for me and have question marks where their title should be. Do you have any as well?
  6. So Warner Bros. has announced that the last-gen versions of the game have been delayed until the summer. Kind of interesting since they've had the April 14th date for a while and now they're delaying it without even a month as to the future date. Makes me wonder if they're thinking of cancelling the game. Another thing that's making me think a cancellation could be on the horizon is the lack of interest on these forums for this version of the game. I have to admit I'm surprised no one else has made a thread here except for me, and my other thread was back in June with only one reply to it (at the time of this posting). Maybe the end of the 360 is just around the corner...
  7. Does anyone else think the trailer was actual gameplay footage? It looked like it had the angles used in the attract screens on Mortal Kombat (2011). If that's the case, I think the game looks freaking sweet. I wonder how different the One and the 360 will look. It's the kind of game that would make me pick up a console (since Microsoft did away with the Kinect requirement) but since I'm also an MK fan, I'll probably buy it on the 360 AND then later buy a One and pick MKX up for that as well.
  8. Servers are only closed for the PC version of the game. Xbox 360 version is still up and running. And there hasn't been any news on a Mercenaries sequel for quite some time. I think the last time was in 2010 and it sounded like it was still in the works.
  9. I guess only you can answer that, my friend. Gold accounts only allow you to play games online over Xbox Live; it doesn't guarantee that every game released will have its servers still up and running. Especially when we're talking about EA (who ran Army of Two's servers). They control their own servers--unlike most games released for the Xbox which Microsoft usually run--and when it comes time for some cost-saving measures, EA will occasionally pull support for some of their older titles. They typically do it more with their yearly sports games, but every once in a while another genre falls into this category. They have an explanation on their Online Service Updates page; if interested, just click on the link in my first post.
  10. You don't have a friend who can come over and play it with you since split-screen still works? That's too bad! I don't think it would be as fun anyway. I first played it split-screen and I just wasn't getting into it that much, but when I played it online I liked it more. I think the reduced screen size hindered my ability.
  11. Unfortunately, that does now mean it is impossible. It's too bad you were not able to attempt it.
  12. As for your original comment, YES! Those achievements you listed are ONLY available when connecting to EA's servers for online play. As the servers are going down on the 11th, they will become unobtainable.
  13. That sucks! I have, actually, but it was a couple of years ago and I don't recall what the gamer did about it. I can't even remember if he used to be on my friend's list or was a friend-of-a-friend. I think he said he'd go back to it later. I don't know what to tell you since I had no issue with popping achievements in this game. How much did you make on your last game played? If I were you, I'd probably join one more game, maybe on the objectives side, and just play out a round. Maybe the server needs to "catch up" to how much you actually made. Just have to try things out and see what happens.
  14. Veedrock's right: it has to do with the objectives. That's one of the reasons why I found boosting that game interesting. If the group stays on the boat and the other team consistently stays doing the objectives, the bounties end up being pretty good. When I boosted that game, I had to deal with some laggy servers (and not from idle players) but when the guys I played with had a good connection, we had some good matches. More than once I finished a round of taking out the hovercraft with over $110 million dollars. But that all has to do with the objective team being as vigilant doing their thing. The more they do, the better you do (and vice versa).
  15. Boots on the Ground The Devil's in the Details Surviving the Game Retirement Savings Plan One Gun is Enough True SSC Challenger Barrel SSC Challenger SSC Challenge Win SSC Challenge Marksman That's right. Who's laughing now
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