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  1. I found a solution: Set the pc clock to 2011 or 2012 and the Release Date check will work. I have tested this on win 10 64bit. To run the Game the compatibility of the Game exe has to set to Windows 7.
  2. The Executioner is now available for free, if you are a season pass owner. Glad i didnt buy it tomorrow morning and waited until the store was fixed.
  3. Release was today and it is available at the store. I deleted the season pass and re-downloaded, no success. I searched the bethesda website they said its free for season pass owners. http://help.bethsoft.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/28969/session/L3RpbWUvMTQzMjYzNzcwNC9zaWQvNmg2M2lpbm0%3D I contacted bethesda about this issue and now all i have to do is waiting and looking other people playing the dlc on twitch. I hope its only a store issue and it will be fixed soon.
  4. Iam a bit dissapointed because the developer charges us season pass owners again 4,99€. I thought it was included in the season pass, so there is absolutely no benefit for owning a season pass. Season pass costs about 20€ and the two dlcs were both 10€ and now i was charged again 5€. So they only get my money earlier.. wtf. :mad:
  5. I have downloaded the DLC in-game, after buying the season pass. So maybe it was only delayed.
  6. Seems to be never. Contacted the developer many times by email, twitter, facebook and never got and reply from them. Japanese people doesnt care about achievements, windows phone 8 and so on.
  7. I did not even got it managed to play one game online. Every time it seems to be the game finds an opponent it freezes, then the game crashes and goes back to xbox one dashboard. After that the game is closed and you can start again. Really anoying bug. Did not even one developer tested it before supplying the day one patch?
  8. Yes, this sucks so hard. I only need 2 more xbox one expensive original controllers, because no usb controller are working :-((((
  9. Hi guys, i played through the whole game and didnt got this achievement http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/sherlock-holmes-crimes-and-punishments-xbox-one/achievement/92180-A-Man-of-Character.html So i want to play a 2nd time through the game and i want to skip all the mini-games to speed-up the playthrough. So what do you think will i disable the achivement if i skip the mini-games? thanks, realfox
  10. It will be re-released soon by nordic games, which has aquired some licenses from thq. http://www.amazon.de/Destroy-all-Humans-Path-Furon/dp/B00K7NRU5S/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1402824662&sr=8-11&keywords=destroy+all+humans Its only 19.99 Euro
  11. Where can i download the black mask preorder pack? I only got the ingame code in my gamestop game from a german store, and i only could download this pack with the code: http://marketplace.xbox.com/de-DE/Product/Herausforderungs-Pack-Deathstroke/90ade7ab-9e3f-462e-a504-8c94a1fce93b The other pack black mask is in the INGAME-STORE available and it says "free" but when i choose it i cannot download it. The Pack is called: "Herausforderungs-pack: Black Mask" Can someone help?
  12. SOLUTION: Bad quality but a good solution you have to slip down after gets the crate moved, i slipped through the "not opened hole" but i am in the ship now. Move the crate first then go to the spot where the guy slip through. It needs approx. 20 mins for me to do it. Sorry i cant make a better video quality because there is a checkpoint directly after this. "Got it, okay, here's what you do, use the rope ascender on the crate. Next, go to the spot where the crate is SUPPOSED to be dropped. Pull out your trusty bow, and aim it anywhere, next move around the side of the "breaking point" (the spot that is supposed to break when the crate lands on it) Find the part around the area where Lara puts away and pulls back out her bow. Once you find that place, lightly move the control stick to that exact spot and try to get Lara's falling animation to."
  13. I tried from this save point with the 22 mb patch installed and after that i deleted the patch and tried it offline without the patch. So this patch hasnt to do with the glitch. I started a new playthrough, because i see i have also missed the achievement chatterbox. Next time when i start this level i will make some savegame backups on my usb drive. Nice that i already 100% find any collectibles in every corner i was before and thanks to the developers that this didnt go over to a new playtrhough. You have to collect everything again :mad:
  14. I HAVE legally buyed the game...
  15. I am at exact the same spot and have the same glitch which prevents me from playing the game. As someone above me said you should not die at the boss which does trigger the glitch is wrong. I didnt die and can not proceed :-( Hope they release a patch soon.
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