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  1. Just early problems... not enough servers to fit everyone who plays therefore it becomes laggy and screen tearing occurs... That is why I will sometimes call a server a "dying server" It lets people leave the server but will not let them back or anyone for that matter, even if its 9 on 11. This is to limit people playing on that server (its a copout, but it works because people do not realize what's going on...) Thats why its hard to join a game with a lot of people. The bashers do not bother me, sure they are a pain, but my guide was the one that xbox360a team chose therefore, it is proof that its sometimes its okay to write two guides...
  2. thelastlambda

    Xbox 720

    Just Change it to Windows Server 2003 2012. Everyone who knows about OS will know that it will be reliable (or what I am talking about) + Windows Server 2012 = FTW
  3. Probably mixed with bad coding in that spot, the tank does completely disappear... Also when the screen gets messed up like that its called screen tearing.
  4. Award... The Pacific Campaign: Win twice on every map as any team. Mixed it up originallly with best squad award which is glitched.... I have unlocked both pacific campaigns
  5. Sorry made a mistake mixed it up with best squad... It unlocked for me.
  6. The problem is in their faq, they say they are probably not going to release DLC and if they do they should add a ton of more awards and achievement for getting those awards and the five maps and three game modes that DICE planned to originally release.
  7. Just now play outside of a squad, and you will get it eventually...
  8. Nothing has happened to me... yet. I know this sound like a stupid response but what if it has to do with Coral Sea. If the game unlocks Coral Sea automatically at 43 million kills then maybe the servers are sending out the exact kill count to each xbox. I know I kind of worded it wrong but you get the idea.
  9. 1080p is my answer, makes things much clearer for me and I am using the HDTV settings.
  10. Yeah, I seemed to have check the faq forum to see if anyone was working on it and nothing came up, so i did it. BTW, I did not copy your guide, I only found out that you made one afterward. And to the all the people who thought others were "discouraging" me, do not worry, I reguarly post on the xbox.com forums and experience much worse, just for typing something wrong.
  11. See my team was average... and did not have the airfield, top of the hill and the base to the right. I probably should have helped but was too lazy and when the buildings are blown up it makes things much easier. Also once you get some kills, people start to take notice and try to take you out.
  12. I was talking about the boat that is split in half, not the spawn. The one on the left side of the island, next to the airfield and straight across from the big hill.
  13. ROTFL... I almost died when I read your post extremely fun and I think I have a new objective. LOL
  14. I was wondering if I was the only one who did this... how many people have tried sniping from the boat on GuadalCanal. I was scoring extremely high (usually do, but was surprised because it was so far off) The enemy had the base in the middle and the airfield. It was extremely fun because their is so many places to hide on the boat and if you get on the top, you have a clear view of 3 bases.
  15. Nice find, heard about the sand castles but not the haggard thing. It would be cool if when you went up to it you could "capture it."
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