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  1. Looking at the crane. Go to the top right corner by the pole on the floor but just below it on the right side. Sidestep slowly towards the edge of the depressed part. Lara will kind of jump/crouch as you cross the threshold. You are going to want to move back and forth slowly across that threshold and you will phase through the floor eventually. If Lara is staying in the crouch longer then you almost have it. Gun out is supposed to work but I had better luck without it drawn and aimed. Fucking brutal glitch. You will eventually phase through the floor. Just find that spot where Lara holds her fall animation longer. The is where you need to be. I also found that flicking the controller worked rather than trying to lightly hold it on that spot. Hope this helps. I feel for you man. Spot pissed me off too.
  2. Great guide. Huge help. Thanks so much.
  3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I really enjoyed this movie very well done story and great cast. 9/10
  4. Taken 2. Was a pretty decent movie. Not quite as good as the first. Still have trouble with Maggie Grace being cast as such a young girl though. Shee looks younger that 30, which she is, but not 16-18 young. Still Pretty good watch. 7.5/10
  5. Uh Felicia Day is not a porn star. Though I wish she was. Or did you mean Felicity Fey?
  6. Just watched Dredd. Was actually a pretty descent action flick. Miles better than the Stallone piece of shit back in the 90's. There was a serious Buckheimer level use of slow motion in the movie but over all a good movie and a good movie adaptation of the comic. 7.5/10
  7. Yeah, it's a shortened season, not a shortened playoffs. It will make getting into the playoffs tougher, and surprise teams will have a legit shot at making it. Once the playoffs hit it's a new game though. The Devils swept the Red Wings on the cusp of their 3 in 7 and 4 in 12. had they played and won against the Devils it could have been 5 in 13. Besides that, the Devils won 3 in 9 years including that one. No one considers it a half cup for their first win. especially Jersey fans. none of them were in the same league as Edmonton, Islanders, and Montreal dynasties, but pretty impressive in the modern era of hockey.
  8. The players were getting 76% of the revenues at the first Bettman lockout, not 97%. That's just an insane figure. Bettman is not a positive impact on the game. The majority of owners like him because he has made money for the big market teams at the expense of the smaller market teams and he is a good bully in negotiating. He has over expanded the league to weak, low interest markets and the league will forever be forced to support them. The players came at him this time with a great negotiator of their own in Fehr and that is why Bettman went all schoolyard as you put it. There have been 3 lockouts under Bettman. The first one was justified. That last 2 should have been settled without a lockout. Especially this one. Lockout should be a last resort in a negotiation if the other side is not moving at all, not a first tactic. If the owners hadn't gone on a spending spree up to minutes before the deadline and they had tried real negotiations to begin with and played in good faith, as the players said they were willing to do, a deal could have been reached a long time ago without punishing the fans to the point of mass abandonment. Both sides are wrong here but this will be the end of Bettman. He will be out in the next few years I can guarantee it.
  9. I did not like the way book 5 ended for that possibility though... But yeah, from the very start of book 1 I called those to getting hitched.
  10. I read the series for Arya, Jon & Daenereys. Arya's story has been by far the most interesting for me though. Tyrion really intregues me and after book 5 I'm finding myself liking where Jaimie's story is going.
  11. I'm sure ill read it for t least a few issues. But I still want my Peter back. Honestly, when I first heard the announcement ofSuperior I thought they were finally bringing Peter back to the ultimate universe. I was pretty excited about that prospect honestly. That 5 issue Spider-Men series was damn good. I've been enjoying the new Scarlet Spider series. But that is very similar to what the superior SM series is going to be. An almost Peter Parker making his way as a hero but without Parker's restraint and moral obligations. Yeah it was ballsy for them to do that in ASM but it was also lame-o that Peter died for no greater meaning. At least they killed him right in the ultimate universe. It was a sacrifice for something great. Here it was just for nothing but shock value.
  12. What the hell. So marvel has just removed all Peter Parker from their comics then? Just finished reading ASM #700. So pissed right now. I've been reading Spider-Man comics for about 25 years. And for me, Spider-Man and Peter Parker are the reason I've read and continued to for all these years. Just had to say how pissed I was about this. They killed off Peter in the ultimate universe so I quite reading those. Now they kill him off in the main canon too? Wtf?
  13. Just have to say, what a game against Slovakia. Canada looked in trouble and out of it early. The boys played a hell of a game from the second on.
  14. WTF on that Camara call vs Slovakia? Was a clean hit that the kid just got flattened from. Neither reff was calling any thing on the ice until well after the kid had been hauled off. The earlier 5 min penalty was the right call but the Camara call was crap.
  15. Just watched The Bourne Legacy . 9/10. I really enjoyed this movie a lot. I really liked the way they tied it into the time line of the other films, and the way they interwove the stuff going on in the trilogy with this one. Thought it was smart, had some great action, especially the last hour or so of th movie really had that Bourne feel to it and the action, and I liked the science and clean up aspect involved with "Outcome". Plus the scene with the wolf was just bad ass early on. "You should have left me alone". Ha, no shit. Great flick.
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