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  1. Stewtendo won 602 Achievements in 55 games, for a total of 10,840 GamerScore. 0 completions. Best Month: January 2,375 Gamerscore. 127 Achievements Worst Month: November / December. 0 Gamerscore. 0 Achievements I will beat one of you!
  2. I finally have some free time again so I should be on at roughly 7pm Central. Hopefully my 360 turns on after all the dust its collected.
  3. Played Mass Effect 3 with Grifter Reborn, Tigersrule, and SicklyPlague.
  4. Go to Server Browser and click whatever button opens the search options. Under Free Slots, click either 1-5 or 1-10 and select your area under Region. Once you search with those conditions, a list of servers saying 24/24 players should appear. Scroll down through the list and you'll come across servers with a few empty spaces. Join any of those.
  5. Should be on around 8-9 PM Central. Finally fully recovered from my jaw surgery so ya'll will be hearing my golden voice a lot more.
  6. I doubt it's a PR stunt. You can hear him mumble "Bing's garbage" at the end of the video. Someone is getting fired tomorrow.
  7. Are the pins customizable? The dash in the video looks very cluttered to me. I like a very minimalist style so my dashboard would only show off friends, games, achievements etc. I don't want shortcuts to bing, internet explorer, music and so forth.
  8. Looks exactly like Windows 8... I hate Windows 8.
  9. I remember a video on IGN stating that it was roughly 2 hours long. It'll probably be on par with that crappy Hammerlock DLC. LINK (:35-:45)
  10. Keeping my 360, but only for my single player games. I'll probably sell all my multiplayer games when my Gold subscription runs out in February. Not going to renew it afterwards.
  11. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring
  12. I'm not a fan of tacked on multiplayer, but it looked surprisingly good here. Hide and seek in a sandbox game? Count me in.
  13. Couldn't imagine going back to something like that after using TB's. Though it looks way better than the official xbox headset. Retail: Mass Effect Arcade: Uno
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