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  1. Hi in UT if you bring on one of your substitutes, do they come on with 9 chemistry even if its say Ronaldo in an Irish team? Please help Thanks
  2. Hi thanks for the info, but do you know when it is out? Btw I now have 320k
  3. hi can anyone tell me what i should do with 250k, ie a player or a whole squad? Thanks
  4. Hi add me if you want any: rogerthealien96 I am selling: St Ibrahimovic - 88/4-2-3-1 Lb Nagatomo (inform) - 81/4-2-3-1 Rb Lahm - 87/4-2-3-1 Cam Di Natalie - 86/4-2-3-1 Rw Valbuena (inform) - 83/4-3-2-1 Cdm De Rossi - 83/4-2-3-1 trade offers are welcome aswell thanks
  5. Hi we need a striker for our club preferabbly 80 or higher rating. Add my GT: rogerthealien96. Message back, thanks
  6. Hi I have got 160,000 to spend, is anyone selling anyone good if so tell me how much You want for them thanks
  7. Hi can anyone tell me if it is possinle to change Michael Bastos from a left midfielder to a centre attacking midfielder? Can you tell me what cards i would need if it is possible to do please reply
  8. Hi just got the game who are the hunters I need to buy, and where do I find them??
  9. all you do is go to episode 2 chapter 4 and do the challenge, if you take 1min 30secs you get around 250,000 so in 6mins you will have 1,000,000.
  10. Hi can anyone tell me how I unlock the bounty hunter missions?? MSG me back thanks.
  11. Hi can anyone help me is their a cheat to unlock al the x2 x4 or x10 score plz MSG me thanks
  12. Hi can any one help me to quickscope, because to be fair I suck. Can anyone teach me (xbox 360 GT: rogerthealien96) MSG back thanks
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